Trump’s Latest Hint at 2024 Presidential Bid

While the question remains on former President Trump running in 2024, he dropped a big hint.

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Do you want Trump to run in 2024?

In a speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition in Nashville, TN on Friday, Trump asked the crowd if he should run and they responded with thunderous applause.

“Would anybody like me to run for president?” Trump asked after outlining what actions the “next Republican president” needs to take upon assuming office. He later suggested that if he were to be the president again, he would seriously consider pardoning the severely “mistreated” political prisoners from Jan. 6.

“America cannot survive if we have a system that treats Republican’s political speech as violence and Democrat’s violence as political speech,” Trump exclaimed. He continued, “the radical left is not above the law, and conservatives are not beneath it.”

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The former president had harsh words for the Jan. 6 committee, or as he referred to it, “Theatrical production of partisan political fiction.” Trump pointed out that the hearings are being produced by the former president of ABC. He also told the Nashville crowd that the “unselect” committee has been “doctoring” video to take the words spoken by the president and others out of context.

In addition to Jan. 6 and a possible 2024 presidential bid, Trump strongly critiqued Biden’s foreign policy, handling of the economy and the left’s recent push to “indoctrinate kindergarteners” with “woke gender ideology.”

After discussing the lack of respect Biden is receiving on the world stage, Trump remarked, “What the hell is going on?” He also assured that crowd that had the election not been “stolen,” Russia never would have invaded Ukraine.

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Trump reminded the crowd that when he was president gas was less than $2. He also brought up the recent news that the DOW dropped below 30,000 for the first time since some of the worst days of the pandemic.

As the crowd was largely made up of Evangelical Christians, the former president capitalized on the promises he made and kept to his conservative base during his term.

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“In the Republican Party, we believe every life is a precious gift from God,” Trump said proudly.

He continued to mention that the Supreme Court, of which he nominated one-third, is about to rule on a very important decision, referring to Dobbs v. Jackson.

After blasting the left about recent news of the “sexual propaganda” in schools, the former president called “woke gender ideology” child abuse and called out the pharmaceutical industry for profiting off of puberty blockers being given to children.

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Towards the end of his remarks, President Trump insisted to the crowd, “These are the issues conservatives must win on.”

The next stop on Trump’s American Freedom Tour is scheduled for Saturday in Memphis, TN.

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