Todd Starnes Explains How Conservative Media Failed Herschel Walker

National radio host Todd Starnes laid out how conservative media failed Georiga Republican Senate candidate Hershel Walker, who is getting hit with criticism, including from his own son.

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The “Todd Starnes Show” host said Fox News didn’t ask the right questions when they sat down with Walker to resolve the allegations.

“I would say shame on the conservative media. I think we have let Herschel Walker down because we didn’t ask the right questions,” Starnes said.


Below is a rushed transcript from the Todd Starnes Show, which airs noon to 3 p.m. EST daily nationwide:

STARNES: [00:03:05] So I had a chance to think about this Herschel Walker situation. And it’s really getting ugly out there. And I have a theory. I’m walking back my approach to this story, and I want to explain why. [00:03:17][12.2]

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[00:03:18] But first, I want to play some audio because I have to explain. I think the bigger problem here is that the conservative media, they don’t know the right questions to ask Herschel Walker. And if they did, this would be a non-controversy. [00:03:32][14.1]

[00:03:34] Now, just to give you some background, here: Herschel Walker’s son’s coming out, and that kid’s unhinged. I’m sorry. He’s just unhinged. And you can see it in his voice. It is what it is. And a father is not going to go out there and attack us on it. It’s just not going to happen. So we have to really discount those conversations. [00:03:55][20.7]

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[00:03:57] The allegations that were made. What about those? Well, Brian Kilmeade on FOX, Fox and Friends really confronted Herschel about this. And I want to play this and then I’m going to explain the right questions the media should have asked. [00:04:13][16.3]

[00:04:14] And before you start screaming or yelling, hear me out. I am still a Herschel Walker supporter and I’m going to explain why. But it’s not because he’s a Republican. And there are some of you out there that say and we’re going to play some of this audio as well. There are literally people out there saying, I really don’t care if a person is pro-abortion, pro-Second Amendment. I don’t care if they’re pro critical race theory. I don’t care if they’re pro open borders. As long as there’s an R behind their name, we’re putting them in. We’re putting them in office. [00:04:45][31.6]

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[00:04:46] Well, you know that kind of mentality gotcha John McCain and Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney. That kind of mentality means that you place power over principle. I got a problem with that. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about a human being named Herschel Walker. Now Brian Kilmeade and Herschel Walker this morning, Fox and Friends, cut number six, please. [00:05:08][22.2]

KILMEADE AUDIO: [00:05:09] So, Herschel, you’re saying that you weren’t the perfect dad or the perfect spouse, but you’ve been redeemed. Is that what you’re saying? [00:05:15][5.6]

WALKER AUDIO: [00:05:15] Oh, that’s exactly what I’m saying. No one is perfect. You know, I even said that and I mean it. I’m a sinner. We all sin but for the glory of God. But every day I get up in the morning I pray to God to let me do his will. And that’s the reason I’m in this race right now. When I see people getting hurt on the street, the crime that’s going on right now, the crime is going on because of Senator Warnock and Joe Biden. I see the crime going on seeing like nobody want to hold anyone accountable for. I said not on my watch. I see the way this economy is. And they saying we’re not in it is okay. Not. This is a new normal. Well, it’s not. And I want people to know it’s not a new normal. And if I told them, if I had the fight alone, I’m willing to fight. I love America. I will fight for America. I’ll fight for Georgia. And that’s the reason I got into this race. [00:05:59][43.7]

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KILMEADE AUDIO: [00:06:00] You had 250 people pack a church last night in support of you, and you’ve already raised over $500,000 since Sean Hannity’s interview last night. And so you still have, seems like your backing is still there. [00:06:09][9.5]

STARNES: [00:06:11] So they go on and his backing is there. He’s raising a lot of money. He was he went on to address this issue with his son, cut number seven. [00:06:19][8.2]

KILMEADE AUDIO: [00:06:20] Here’s where your son surprised a lot of us because he’s been saying he’s had tweeted positive things for you. He’s an influencer, a conservative. And this is what he came out and said after this revelation and your appearance with Sean. Listen. [00:06:33][12.8]


CHRISTIAN WALKER AUDIO: [00:06:34] My intention is don’t lie about your life at the expense of me, my mom and all of the people that you’ve affected throughout your life. You don’t get to pretend you’re some moral family guy. You don’t get to pretend all these things. Talk policy, talk normal. Do not lie. [00:06:50][15.2]

KILMEADE AUDIO: [00:06:51] So he saw that and says, you’re lying. Herschel, what do you say about your son? Is he telling the truth? [00:06:57][5.6]

WALKER AUDIO: [00:06:59] Well, I love my son unconditionally. And that’s the way I’ve always been. I always love him unconditionally. You know, he graduated college a couple of months ago. He’s now a young man doing his own thing, but his father is always there for him. I always will be for any of my kids. And I love him. I always support him and I always have supported them and I always will. And I love him unconditionally. [00:07:21][21.8]

KILMEADE AUDIO: [00:07:22] But he’s doing tremendous damage to you by coming out with those statements. Do you know why he’s saying this? [00:07:28][6.0]

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WALKER AUDIO: [00:07:30] Well, the damage he’s doing, he’s letting people know that the left will do whatever they can to win this seat. And I told you, when I got in this race, I’m going to win this seat. People see someone sitting here in front of you right now. They’ve been redeemed. And I want America to know I’m living proof that you can make mistakes and get up and keep going forward. But you can only do it in this country right here, and you can only do it when we get this election correct, this come November, because we vote for the people on the left like the guy I’m running against. Senator Warner, you’re not going to have a chance to be redeemed. He’s a minister and he don’t believe in redemption. Right now they’re trying to destroy America. They’re trying to destroy Georgia. And I’m not going to let them have it. It ain’t going to happen on my watch. [00:08:11][41.1]

STARNES: [00:08:11] All right. So there’s a lot of people doing some really bad stuff here, and it’s not Herschel Walker. So, first of all, the conservative media, I’m not surprised that Fox News doesn’t know the right question to ask here. If I would have still been on staff, I would have told them, this is how you handle this interview. The question is and I got a text message from some Georgia folks and they’re saying, Todd, you need to understand this happened in 2009. It’s what happened after. And that’s the question they should have been asking, because then that would have resolved all of this controversy. But there’s also… [00:08:45][33.9]

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[00:08:46] All right. I’m just going to I’m we’re going to peel this onion apart real quick here, folks. Understand that Herschel Walker had a conversion experience. He became a new man. You heard him talking about redemption. Kilmeade should have followed up that question with What do you mean by that? So you were one way in 2009 and I don’t know. Herschel Walker may have very well paid for the woman’s abortion. I don’t know. That’s between Herschel and God and whoever that person is. But the reality of it is this, if after that event and these horrible things and we’ve heard the stories and he’s actually admitted to a lot of this stuff, the bouts with anger, mental illness, the family stuff, he’s admitted to all of this. So if, in fact, all of this happened before 2009, in 2009, he has some sort of a religious conversion experience. Then Herschel Walker is a new man. And if any of us who profess to be Christians, if any of us are out there condemning this man for his past behavior, that in and of itself is a sin. His old life has passed away. And I don’t want to get into a sermon here on national radio. But if, in fact, we do believe that God’s grace is amazing and can save a wretch like me as we sing in the song Amazing Grace, the song not my call screener and executive producer, who is amazing. But if we truly believe that, then we have to believe he is a new man. That is the question that should have been addressed. But they didn’t know to ask that. Because we’re dealing with people who don’t understand those concepts in conservative talk radio. [00:10:31][105.4]

[00:10:33] So here’s the deal. Herschel Walker is a new man. He is pro-life. My question is, okay, Herschel, what’s your life been like since 2009? Have you been able to turn a path away from all of that behavior and those things? And to our knowledge, the answer to that question is, yes, he has. There have been no allegations that I know of. So I would say shame on the conservative media. I think we have let Herschel Walker down because we didn’t ask the right questions. [00:11:04][30.9]

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[00:11:05] But I think the Georgia Republican Party also bears some blame here. There’s a report from Media Aide and Politico that Georgia political operatives within the Republican Party knew about all of this stuff all along. They said they warned the campaign that this could this story could torpedo the campaign. And so what do they do about it, folks? They didn’t do anything. The campaign didn’t think that it was going to be that much of a story. And maybe at the end of it all, it’s not. But it is a distraction. So the Georgia Republican Party had an obligation early on to address this and if nothing else, come up with a game plan. Is it true? Is that not true? How do we respond? How do we fight back when the story, if and when the story does come out? We need to be there with a plan of attack. And they got nothing. They got nothing. So, again, I blame the Georgia Republican Party. I blame the conservative media. And then there’s another issue altogether. And it’s this issue of Republicans. Regardless of the politics, if you’re as long as you’re a Republican, that’s all that matters. Power is the only thing that matters. Here’s Dana Loesch. [00:12:23][78.0]

LOESCH AUDIO: [00:12:24] So does this change anything? I mean, do you want my opinion? You’re listening. Not a damn thing. How many times have I said four very important words. These forwards winning is a virtue. What I’m about to say is in no means a contradiction or a compromise of a principle. And please keep in mind that I am concerned about one thing and one thing only at this point. So I don’t care if Herschel Walker paid to abort endangered baby eagles. I want control of the Senate. If The Daily Beast story is true. You’re telling me Walker used his money to reportedly pay some skank for an abortion? And Warnock wants to use all of our monies to pay a whole bunch of skanks for abortions. Oh, and yes, when they’re used predominantly over 99% of birth control and it’s my taxpayer dollars. You have invited me up in your business, and I will use whatever scrip I would like to. Thank you. [00:13:40][75.7]

STARNES: [00:13:43] Okay. All right. If that’s and I heard from so many of you yesterday, you said, Todd, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. We got to have a republic. And we don’t care if they’re pro-abortion. We don’t care if they’re pro critical race theory. Tom, we don’t care if that person wants to take away every gun we own. We don’t care as long as they have an R after their name. That is the only thing that matters. May I say something, ladies and gentlemen, if that is true, that makes us no better than the Democrats. [00:14:13][29.3]


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