14-Year-Old Girl Suspended For Opposing Biological Male In Girl’s Locker Room

A freshman girl at a Vermont high school was suspended for expressing her discomfort with a biological male being allowed to change in the girl’s locker room.

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When 14 year old Blake Allen was overheard saying she felt uncomfortable when a boy walked in while she and her friends were changing, Randolph Union High School’s co-principals punished her.

Should the school officials who punished Blake Allen be fired?

Allen was told, as retribution for expressing her opinion, she would have to take part in a “restorative justice circle,” write a “reflective essay” apologizing for her comments and serve out a suspension.

“As a girl, I was taught to respect the privacy of my body, and to speak up if I felt unsafe or if something made me feel uncomfortable,” the student said in a Fox News op-ed. “Now I’m 14 and shocked to learn not all adults take you seriously when you say you don’t feel safe or comfortable. In fact, they may even punish you for speaking out.”

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Following the incident, the student’s father Travis Allen, who also worked as a soccer coach in the school district, wrote a Facebook post condemning the dangerous policy and the punishment of his daughter.

“He got a free show, they got violated,” the father wrote.

The Orange Southwest School District retaliated against the girl’s father for the post by suspending him as a coach.

“Instead of sticking up for the safety and privacy of girls, the school administrators are sticking to their preferred view of gender identity and will unfairly target anyone who dares to think differently,” Allen continued. “The school must respect my dad’s and my free speech rights to express a commonsense view that this student is male and shouldn’t be allowed in the girls’ locker room.”

The Allen family sought legal counsel with the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) who filed suit against the district. That same day, the superintendent dropped all disciplinary actions against the young girl.

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“The school district, they retaliated against both Blake and Travis for just simply stating their views,” ADF senior counsel Tyson Langhofer said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “And First Amendment retaliation is prohibited by the Constitution. I mean, that’s very clear, that the government cannot retaliate against individuals for simply just sharing their views.”

The student said as of now she plans to continue attending Randolph Union High School.

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