America Spit in the Face of God: Art Ally

Founder of the Timothy Plan Art Ally told the Todd Starnes Show there is not enough discussion about truth in this country as transgenderism and sex trafficking rise at alarming rates.

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TODD STARNES: [01:04:19] And I want to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line, always an honor to have with us, the founder and president of Timothy Plan, a family of award-winning, faith-based mutual funds. Art, you know, one of the things that you guys do is help people understand where companies are supporting, where their money is going before you invest in those companies. And that, I have to imagine, would include companies that are supporting transgenderism. [01:04:46][27.1]

ART ALLY: [01:04:48] Well, you’re absolutely right. I mean, transgenderism is just one more of the insanity things that are going on, and it’s crazy. I mean, you know, I love what Carl said, and he is absolutely right to call it the just call. We have spit in the face of God in this nation. And you know what? The majority of people are offended by all this stuff, but we’re very quiet. But, you know, transgenderism, sex trafficking is going on at alarming rates and nobody’s talking. Well, very few are talking about that. We have a challenge here at Timothy. We do the research. When companies are funding evil, we refuse to invest in them. But we’re doing that in a culture that is insane at this point, except for your listeners. And I want to commend you, man, for being a light in the darkness. Enough of us start speaking up. We can make a difference because we outnumber them. We’re just awfully quiet. [01:05:54][65.3]

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TODD: [01:05:55] No, you’re right about that. And it’s time for these girls to speak up. And if I mean, if you had every female swimmer and we know all the female swimmers are upset about this, but they’re too scared. They’re terrified. Well, you know what? Get moms and dads out there, grandmas and grandpas. We need everybody willing to take a stand and speak truth to the culture here. Otherwise Art, we’re not going to change anything. [01:06:18][23.0]

ART: [01:06:19] Amen, brother, you know, the one thing I know about politicians other than when their lips are moving, they’re generally lying is that the only thing I know about them is they can count. So if enough of us stand up, that’s going to change some attitudes of some of these squishy politicians and start trying to make sense out of this world, this craziness, you use the word truth, you know, true today, whatever you want it to be. Well, no, it’s not. Truth is truth and we stand on truth and truth comes from one place and it’s from the word of God., that’s the foundation of Timothy  [01:07:00][41.2]

TODD: [01:07:00] Art Ally is with us on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. He is the founder of Timothy Plan, Timothy Plan Dakar. Folks, you’ve got to check out this great website, and we’re going to get to more of that in just a moment. But you mentioned human trafficking. Major sting in Florida over the weekend, over 100 people arrested, including a number of Disney employees, [01:07:22][21.1]

ART: [01:07:23] Disney employees, [01:07:23][0.5]

TODD: [01:07:24] Art-just over the past. Well, in the past 48 hours, we had a report that Disney is going back in there re-editing a Pixar movie to include a gay romantic scene for a children’s cartoon. I mean, well, at what point do you say enough is enough? [01:07:41][16.9]

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ART: [01:07:42] Walt Disney would roll over in his grave to see how these woke crazies have taken over. What is really great- I mean, there’s no more fun way to spend a day than to be a Disney, but I won’t go there anymore. And if you try to go there during the month of June, they cater the entire park to the homosexual community and allow them to do things publicly that we all get arrested for how we’re caving in to all this. It is a spiritual war and people are spiritually blinded as the only thing I can make out of it. [01:08:23][40.3]

TODD: [01:08:23] No, look, I’m with you. I was just shaking my head. There were a lot of people I know speaking out against Disney, some of the things they were doing just in the past couple of weeks. And Art, I kid you not. Last week, during spring break, at least a half a dozen of those people complaining were posting photographs from Disney World’s property. I mean, come on. And I get it. It’s hard if you have kids. But you know what? There are plenty of other amusement parks and theme parks out there that are not supporting these radical agendas. [01:08:54][30.8]

ART: [01:08:55] Absolutely, my friend. But it really does boil down to the truth, doesn’t it Todd? And truth comes from scripture. In fact, if I can just make one comment here, we have developed probably the finest tool we have ever done in our 28 year history of Timothy. And that is a Bible graph. It is a circular resource with stewardship issues on one side, cultural issues on the other side and 18. No, I’m sorry. 28. I think different subjects that you might be struggling with, or someone might ask you advice on. And for each of those 18, it has seven days of the week. And you point an arrow toward whatever day you’re on. And down in the body of this circular reference guide, you see the Bible book chapter and verse that deals with that issue. It is the most important resource we have ever had for the body of Christ. And it is free Todd. I mean, we’re just giving this not free for us. But you know, God called us. He is the chairman of the board and he says, You just do this for the body of Christ. Give them this tool. In fact, I’ll send one to you and you’ll see what I’m talking about. [01:10:21][85.7]

TODD: [01:10:21] Oh, I’d love to- I’d love to get one of those. And again, people can go to Timothy Lancome to get more information about Timothy plan and real quick art for our new listeners. Explain in a nutshell what you guys do at Timothy plan. [01:10:36][14.7]

ART: [01:10:37] Well, we’re a mutual fund like the other 8000 mutual funds out there. We’re a family of funds with 12 different funds and six different exchange-traded funds. What makes us different, Todd, is we do biblical screening. We will not own shares of companies basically trying to destroy America, whether they’re involved in abortion or pornography or nontraditional married lifestyles or anti-family entertainment. And the list goes on. Our team documents what they’re doing, and all of our funds are managed by top tier money managers and we give them a list. We don’t care how good they look economically. You can buy them for your other clients, but you can’t buy them from Timothy. So when people with moral convictions want to try to align the way they invest, the money, gods and trust. Tell them they can come here, and no, we will not own any company that is really trying to destroy us. [01:11:39][61.9]

TODD: [01:11:39] Well, I have to imagine that more and more Americans are turning to Timothy plan to make those important decisions. And if we are going to have an impact in this culture, we’ve got to pay very close attention to where we are investing the resources that you think God has given us. So art. God bless you and thank you for the great work that you guys do at timothy plan. [01:12:01][21.2]

ART: [01:12:02] Well, man, you keep preaching the truth. There’s a whole audience that is so hungry for that in this crazy world. Hey, man, thank you for being a light in the darkness. Appreciate you guys. [01:12:11][9.7]

TODD: [01:12:12] Art Ally, ladies and gentlemen from Timothy Plan dot com. That’s Timothy Plan Dotcom. [01:12:18][5.9]

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