BABY FORMULA: Sen. Hagerty Says Biden Incompetent

Sen. Bill Hagerty (R- TN) held nothing back when discussing the current state of the country under President Biden during an interview with KWAM Memphis NewsTalk host Tim Van Horn.

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Do you blame Biden for the baby formula shortage?

Hagerty, just one out of only 11 GOP Senators who voted against the new Ukraine aid package Monday, said the Senate isn’t being fully transparent on what is in the bill. The $40 billion package, equivalent to the entire budget of Tennessee for one year, made Hagerty’s decision to vote no an unpopular one, not just in Washington but in his own party.

“I’ve certainly had a lot of pushback and a lot of criticism,” Hagerty said. “There are many people here in Washington that feel quite differently about that. But I think that the people of Tennessee fully appreciate the fact that we’ve got issues that we need to deal with right here at home.”

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For over a week, the crisis on the shortage of baby formula has been one of the most heartbreaking developments in the country. With shelves empty across Tennessee and the nation, Hagerty blames Biden’s lack of leadership and urgency as the reason for hungry babies in America.

On Wednesday, the Biden Administration announced it would be enacting the Defense Production Act which would allow flights from overseas to import approved baby formulas in an operation called “Operation Fly Formula”. Not only will they be flying in foreign formula, but they have also announced the speed of formula production after the shutdown of Abbott Laboratories, the country’s largest formula manufacturing plant.

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For Hagerty, this is where Biden and former President Trump differ on handling crises and prioritizing what is best for the United States. He added that this response to the shortage could have been done very well in advance since Abbott Laboratories shut down in February, meaning that this effort is too little, too late.

“It’s just a difference of philosophy and a difference in approach,” Hagerty said. “You see a problem, you figure out how to fix it. Not how to blame people for it. That’s what this administration does, deflect blame and see if they can hide it on and how they can avoid taking responsibility. That’s not leadership, that’s just spin. That’s Washington for you but that’s not what America needs right now.”

Listen to the full interview with Senator Hagerty below:

This story originally appeared on KWAM – The Mighty 990!

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