Bill Clinton Lost the Nuclear Codes TWICE, Says Former WH Insider

Buzz Patterson, Ret. Air Force Lt. Col. and former carrier of the nuclear football under President Bill Clinton, confirmed on the “Todd Starnes Show” that Clinton lost the nuclear codes not once, but twice.

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The “Dereliction of Duty: The Eyewitness Account of How Bill Clinton Endangered America’s Long-Term National Security” author said the FBI’s treatment of former President Trump is a prime example of a “two-tiered justice system.”

“I mean we have one set of rules for the Clintons, the Obamas,” Patterson told host Todd Starnes, noting that the Clintons have not faced the same kind of scrutiny Trump has.


“I was the first person in [Clinton’s] office one morning in 1998, and he confessed to me that he had, in fact, lost the nuclear codes,” Patterson recalled.

He went on, “That was January of 1998, Todd, and then chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Hugh Shelton, wrote a book a few years later that talks about losing them in 2000. So, the scary thing is, is that not only did Clinton lose them once, he lost them at least twice.”

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This comes after a story in the New York Times claimed that the FBI “sought docs on nuclear weapons” during Mar-a-Lago raid, causing many rumors to circulate that Trump could have stolen the nuclear codes.

Patterson continued his thought by assuring Americans that there was no threat to their safety even if that were true.

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So, people are talking about the codes that Trump may or may not have stolen,” he said. “Well, those things are declassified, Todd, immediately after the president changed.”

“So, the day, the moment, the minute, that Joe Biden took over, President Trump’s codes were no longer legitimate, no longer effective,” Patterson added. “So, if he does have a set of old codes, that’s what they are, they’re old codes, he can’t fire anything. He can’t launch nuclear weapons from Mar-a-Lago, I guarantee you that.” Click here to download the full episode with Buzz Patterson on the Toddcast Podcast!

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