BREAKING: Looks Like Democrats Tried to Sabotage Justice Breyer

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer was “surprised” his retirement was announced Wednesday, Fox News host Shannon Bream reported.

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NBC News first reported the liberal justice’s retirement, giving President Biden his first opportunity to nominate a justice. Democrats were quick to demand the president nominate a black woman.

“Multiple sources tell me Justice Breyer was not planning to announce his retirement today,” Bream tweeted. “They describe him as ‘upset’ with how this has played out.”

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The oldest Supreme Court justice has yet to make an official announcement. The White House, including Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), said they wouldn’t comment on it until an official statement.

Bream later added, “I’m told Justice Breyer had firmly decided on his own to retire and that an announcement was due very soon. And while it appears someone jumped the gun on that, better to characterize him as surprised by events today than ‘upset.'”

Liberal groups have been urging Breyer to retire ahead of the midterms while Democrats have control of the White House and Congress.