Chicago’s Mayor Refuses to Pay Growing Number of Speeding, Red Light Tickets: Report

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is refusing to pay multiple traffic violations after endorsing policies that have led to an increase in tickets given to Windy City drivers.

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Is Lightfoot a hypocrite?

Two of the SUVs commissioned to transport Lightfoot have racked up three tickets and two warnings in the past month that remain unpaid, per CWB Chicago.

This comes after the liberal mayor pushed to lower the buffer zone that traffic cameras allow before issuing a ticket from 10 mph to six mph.

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“No one likes speed cameras. I get it,” Lightfoot said according to Fox News. “But this is life or death that we’re talking about here, and we’ve got to step up as a city and address this.”

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Fox also reported two of Lightfoot’s violations occurred in school zones while children were present.

Nevertheless, when pushing for increased traffic camera restrictions, the mayor said, “It is unconscionable that any City Council member would consider voting to allow for increased speeds near spaces utilized by our children.” 

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The Illinois Policy Institute found Chicago has made more than $80 million in revenue from traffic cameras since the threshold was lowered.

Further, WLS-TV reported that more than 80 percent of tickets from traffic cameras were given to drivers going between six mph and ten mph over the speed limit.

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