Bush Speech Writer Says Trump Should Announce 2024 Run Before Midterms

A former President George W. Bush speechwriter argues former President Trump should announce his 2024 presidential bid before the November midterm election.

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Should Trump announce his 2024 bid before the midterms?

Ned Ryun, the founder and CEO of American Majority, wrote an op-ed in American Greatness saying Trump should make the largely anticipated announcement sooner to control the narrative.

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“Trump needs to get ahead of the narrative and an announcement shortly after Labor Day will guarantee the midterms will ratify the fact he is more of an asset than a liability. It will remind people of how life was under him and how we can return to that once again with a second Trump presidency,” Ryun said.

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“Trump’s announcement and presence during the last two months of the midterm campaign would be a stark reminder of what was compared to what is and his message would be that it is time to start taking our country back now and we’re going to do it this November,” Ryun explained.

He notes Trump completely revitalized the GOP into a working-class party that caused Hispanics, black Americans, and Asian Americans to switch from the Democrat Party in droves.

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If not, he argues the media will use the red wave to turn it against Trump.

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“After the rousing wins in the midterms, should Trump wait to make his announcement after these wins, the corporate propagandists who loathe him will immediately start the narrative of, “Well Republicans won in 2022, but now they’re saddled with Trump.”

Despite the attacks from the media and Democrats, Ryun said Trump was able to accomplish an incredible amount of things, just another reason he should announce before the midterms.

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“We’re going to see a red wave the size of which we’ve not seen for over a decade, maybe even in a generation, that could very well set up Republicans for another landslide victory in 2024. But this can only happen if we maximize November 8 and we need Trump to energize the independent working class voters needed for a Republican electoral tsunami.”

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