Democrats ‘HELL-BENT’ On Taking Away Your Guns: Rep. Kat Cammack

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The Democrats’s calls for gun control are designed to make us completely dependent on the federal government, Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) said on the Todd Starnes Show.

Jeff Katz: [01:17:48] Congresswoman Kat Cammack is with us. And Congresswoman Cammack, I appreciate you being here. You’re up close and personal seeing all of this stuff. What the heck is going on there in D.C. these days?

Kat Cammack: Oh, my gosh. Well, you actually caught me right off the House floor. We’re starting the voting process now. And while there is a, as you said, dog and pony show going on right now with the Democrats in the January six commission, they are hell bent on taking our Second Amendment rights away from us. And it is happening. It is not a drill. This is a very real and scary prospect that we’re facing down in the legislation that we’re going to be voting on today and tomorrow. And it’s everything from mandating ridiculous storage for firearms in our homes to putting domestic violence victims at risk, preventing them from getting their hands on their constitutionally protected means of protection and also something crazy, the judicial process. There will be no due process for people in this country. They want to institute nationwide red flag laws, and this is absolutely ludicrous. This is just one more step towards the ultimate goal for the left of dependency and control. Keep in mind that this is coming from the same people that want to defund police. Tell me they don’t want us to be defenseless and dependent on government. It’s absolutely crazy what we’re dealing with. It’s happening right now. We’re in the thick of it. And we need people to get on the phones and call their member of Congress and demand vote no.

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Jeff Katz: So remind everybody, you talk about red flag laws. What exactly are we talking about and how would they impose such a thing on a nationwide basis?

Does gun control work?

Kat Cammack: So first, let me say, we know that red flag laws do not work. I can give you example after example of instances where those red flag laws have failed on the state level. But what they’re saying is if you are identified as someone who could potentially be a threat, without due process, without any investigation, law enforcement will be mandated through the judicial system to come and confiscate your gun. What’s crazy is that it is then upon you to go and get your gun back, your rights back. And there’s no burden of proof for losing your Second Amendment rights in the process. And so you can see how quickly this can go downhill. You know, you can have people who maybe have a vendetta or who have nothing better to do but, you know, cause problems for other people. This can go very, very sideways, very quickly. And without that due process, you look at the United States Constitution, how it was crafted, our Bill of Rights, and what was put in place to protect our rights and the judicial due process that each citizen is owed. This is going to undermine and destroy the very foundation that we know today. And the people. The fact that people are so casual about this today is a little bit like living in the Twilight Zone, to be quite honest.

Jeff Katz: Yes. Yes, absolutely. Congresswoman. So so obviously, we do need to call our respective members of Congress. But then there is this part of me saying, well, Nancy Pelosi, her crew controlled the House. You’ve got the Senate in the control of the Democrats. Will our voice make a difference is the question a lot of people are going to ask.

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Kat Cammack: Absolutely. You know, I have, over the last 16 months, taken to social media. And of course, with help of so many outlets like yours and others, we’ve really been able to let people know of how to engage with their members of Congress, how they can call and voice their opinion, but more importantly, how they can move the needle. When build back broke was on the table and we were really fighting back, it was the thousands of phone calls that scared the moderate Democrats. It scared the moderates in the middle into voting no. And I say this so many times, there is nothing that a career politician fears more than an educated, motivated, and activated constituent. And that is why these phone calls are so important, because the minute that the phones are ringing off the hook, that’s the cue to the member and their teams that listen. Our folks are keyed in and they are not happy. We cannot do this because we all know nobody in Washington votes for us. The only people that vote for us are the folks back home. And so that’s why those calls are so important and they do make a difference.

Jeff Katz: I hate to ask this, but I’ve got to ask it. Is there any trouble on the Republican side of the aisle? Are there Republicans who are willing to go along with this leftist gun grab?

Kat Cammack: Yeah, you know, that’s been the really troubling part is I’ve had some members quietly say to me, you know, like, so, you know, you in theory, are cool with us if we were to do like a ban on this and I’m like, No. What are you talking about? And so I think that covertly there’s a lot of people that are on some moderate, more liberal tendencies on this issue. But I do think that many have been, you know, put into a place where their constituents are speaking out and they know they cannot go that route. I think you will see a handful, maybe half a dozen or less, Republicans vote for these gun control measures. But the thing that I keep saying is that this is so far beyond gun control. This is about our constitutional right. And if we are serious about protecting our kids and school safety and supporting domestic violence survivors, you would 100% be focused on that. None of these bills make our school safer, make our communities safer. They don’t address mental health issues. They don’t address shortfalls within the background check system. Which would be fixing the… system, you know, making the databases talk to each other.

Jeff Katz: Right.

Kat Cammack: None of that is addressed here. This is nothing more than a gun grab. And so we do have to be very wary of Republicans that are going to play ball with the Democrats on this, because the Democrats have not allowed a single Republican amendment or bill be brought to the floor on this issue. So it’s clear that they don’t want bipartisanship. On the Senate side, we do have some Republicans that are playing ball, and that is very concerning because you give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.

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Jeff Katz: Yes, indeed. Yes, indeed. And you know, you absolutely are correct on this. When you talk about it being a gun grab at the very beginning, you talked about the dependency and that is what the left once they want people dependent on government, they want people unable to decide things for themselves, to make decisions, to take actions for themselves. Because if they give you something, then they can take it away at some point.

Kat Cammack: Exactly. Exactly. I mean, that’s the thing that I continually point back to is less government is better government. And you can see what all this government in our lives has given us so far. We’ve got in some parts of the country $10 a gallon gas. We’ve got 8.4% inflation. Seniors and working class families are having to make the decision between, do I buy groceries or gas? We’ve got a border crisis. We’ve got businesses going under because they cannot make ends meet. We don’t have a labor force. We’re paying people to stay home and not work. Americans left behind in Afghanistan. I mean, no baby formula on the shelves. What is going on in America today? I know. Awful.

Jeff Katz: It is. It is. It’s not an America I recognize. Well, Congresswoman, I thank you so much for joining us. And you keep fighting the good fight. I know Tom will be back in touch with you. We’ll get an update on how this all plays out. That is Kat Cammack, who is a member of the United States House of Representatives.

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