‘FAKE LAKE’: Karrin Taylor Robson Says She’s the Real Conservative in AZ GOV Race

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Karrin Taylor Robson touted her work for President Ronald Reagan and significant financial support for former President Trump telling the Todd Starnes Show she is the true conservative in the state’s Republican primary.



TODD STARNES: [01:18:27] I’m very excited to welcome a candidate for governor. I watched the the debate performance and she delivered an unbelievable performance. On the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line, so glad to welcome Karrin Taylor Robson to the program. Karrin, thanks for coming on the show today. [01:18:45][17.1]

KARRIN TAYLOR ROBSON: [01:18:46] Thank you, Todd. Thanks for having me. [01:18:47][1.6]

Do you think Robson is a good candidate?

STARNES: [01:18:48] And I just have to tell you, well done on that debate. And, again, there were a lot of things I didn’t know about you, but I was listening to your platforms and the arguments you are making. You are indeed the conservative in that race for governor. [01:19:03][15.6]

ROBSON: [01:19:05] Yes, I am. I am a lifelong, unapologetic conservative, grew up in and around the Republican Party. I had the honor of a lifetime to work for Ronald Reagan at the White House. I worked for two Republican governors, and I currently have two past Arizona governors who are co-chairing my campaign, Fife Symington and Governor Jan Brewer, both of whom have known me for decades. They’ve known my work in the conservative circles and trenches and everything from, you know, licking stamps and envelopes to writing checks to Republican candidates. So this you know, this movement is near and dear to my heart. And I don’t like what’s going on in this country. And in many ways, Arizona is on the front lines, both literally and figuratively, with what’s going on at our border. [01:19:56][50.7]

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STARNES: [01:19:57] And I want to get to that in just a moment. And you’re right, Karrin. I’ve had a chance to research you and your record, the things that you have done there in Arizona. And I’m wondering if, you know, how do you respond to Kari Lake, your Republican opponent who’s out there trying to make people think you’re an establishment Republican or a RINO or a liberal, when in fact, clearly you are not? [01:20:22][25.1]

ROBSON: [01:20:24] Yeah. You know, she was part of the liberal mainstream media for 27 years. So all I can say is she’s perfected the craft of fake news. You know, when I see what she writes about me or says about me, I don’t even know who she’s talking about. You know, this is coming from a woman who donated to Barack Obama. She wrote checks to John Kerry. I mean, it goes on and on. And, you know, we were big, big supporters of Donald Trump. I will defend his record all day long. We raised well over $1,000,000 for Donald Trump. You know, he had half his family in my home for fundraisers. And, you know, it’s just a surreal experience to have, you know, a woman who is really a Democrat calling me a RINO. In fact, she called Matt Salman, who was another candidate in the race for governor. She called him a RINO, notwithstanding his 30 years of service to conservative causes. And on that note, Matt withdrew from the race a week ago, and he has put his full support behind me and my candidacy. In fact, we spent about 12 hours together yesterday meeting with voters in Mohave County, because he wanted to make sure that his supporters knew that I have his full support. [01:21:51][87.7]

STARNES: [01:21:58] And I know a lot of our listeners will know the name Barry Goldwater, the father of the modern day conservative movement, and Barry Goldwater Jr. has also endorsed you. So again, your bona fides are really impeccable when it comes to being a conservative, to being a Republican. And it troubles me that there is, and it’s not just happening in Arizona, but in other places around the country where you had these competitive races where people go out of their way to lie and malign the character of good people like yourself. I got a problem with that. [01:22:30][32.5]

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ROBSON: [01:22:31] Yeah. You know, it’s really a dynamic that keeps a lot of good people from running for office. But, you know, there is so much at stake in this race for not just Arizona, but elections across our country. You know, having worked for Reagan, I quote him often and we all know his famous quote, that freedom is but one generation away from extinction. And quite frankly, I don’t think we have a generation. I think it’s going to come down to 2022 and 2024. And if we don’t all step up and and be unafraid and, you know, we can’t take it with us at the end of the day. And I have been blessed with opportunities to live the American dream. And I am, you know, to borrow another Reagan quote, I’m not going to spend my sunset years telling my children and my grandchildren what it was like to be free. There’s just too much at stake. And so I will withstand the attack. I will withstand the lies, because at the end of the day, the truth comes out. And when I have people like Jan Brewer and, you know, I’ve got supporters now all over the country watching this race who have known me. They’ve known what I’ve done for Republican and conservative causes. And so I think, you know, the fake Lake lies are really coming home to roost and people are seeing through it. That’s why I am now ahead of Kari Lake in the most recent polls. And, you know, I started out at zero at the beginning of the year and she was at 43 points. And for me to be able to, you know, get to the point where we are in the campaign is just evidence that, you know, the voters of Arizona are pretty smart and they know a fake when they see one. And that’s why her poll numbers are dropping as they are. [01:24:12][100.9]

STARNES: [01:24:13] And again, Karrin, you’re right. I mean, we are living those moments that Reagan talked about and really prophesied about so many years ago. When you’ve got a Democrat Party there in Arizona that actually used a profanity to describe our Independence Day, and you were pretty outspoken rebuking them. [01:24:35][22.7]

ROBSON: [01:24:36] Well, you know, it makes me sick. It makes me sick to think that in America, a political party would use profanity to disparage our country and the greatness of our country. And it’s evidence, you know, that the left has so indoctrinated, you know, millions and millions of Americans to the point where they hate our country. Well, and everywhere I go around the state, I remind people that when I’m governor, our kids will stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. They will learn to love this country, not hate this country. And if we taught our children the lessons of history in world history, too, you have to understand world history to understand the exceptional nature of America and what we have here, how precious it is and how quickly we can lose it if we don’t fight for it. [01:25:27][50.2]

STARNES: [01:25:27] Well said. And on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line Karrin Taylor Robson, and she is running for governor of Arizona in the GOP primary. It’s going to be a fight, folks. And again, this is the conservative in the race. Karrin, a rock solid conservative, supported the platform of President Trump as we all did, because Karrin, it’s a great conservative platform. And one of those issues is the border. And, you know, your neighbors over in Texas, they’re saying, hey, look, we need the governor to declare an invasion so we can do something to secure the border. [01:26:02][35.0]

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ROBSON: [01:26:04] Well, it’s clear we have to do something. You know, from our perspective and from most American’s perspective, it’s a disaster. The Biden-Harris administration is a complete disaster. Unfortunately, I think from their perspective, it’s working just fine. It’s working just as they planned it to. You know, last week, Secretary Mayorkas, you may have seen his interview on ABC over the weekend where he said that DHS is doing a good job as it pertains to border security. Well, he and Joe Biden may be the only people, you know, alive who share that opinion. The Yuma sector in Arizona has more crossers now than they have in Del Rio, Texas. Texas gets a lot gets a lot of the air time. We’re feeling it here. We are on the front lines of what I’m calling a 50 state border war. It’s beyond a border crisis. When you look at the drugs coming across here with the precursor ingredients coming from China to the Mexican cartels and into neighborhoods across this country, we are simply on the front lines and we’re paying a disproportionate cost, both economically and from a human tragedy perspective. We have every day in Cochise County high speed chases where the cartels are recruiting kids as young as 14 years old to drive and smuggle human beings to points all across this country. It’s a disaster. I don’t know how else to describe it. [01:27:21][76.9]

STARNES: [01:27:21] You know, Karrin, several years ago, I was talking to a lady. She called in listening to our show, owned a ranch near the border with her mom. And her mother was elderly. She is in her fifties. She said she had to sleep with a shotgun because every morning she’d get up and there would be illegals hiding on her property. People should not have to live like that in the United States of America. [01:27:43][22.3]

ROBSON: [01:27:45] Absolutely not. And it’s not just the ranchers down there that have have had to leave. The ranch hands have had to leave too. It’s just too dangerous. But in Yuma, you know, it’s huge agricultural community in Yuma, and we have illegals crossing through the crops. A lot of people don’t know this, but Yuma, Arizona, produces 95% of the winter lettuce. So it is the salad capital of the United States in the winter months. And when the illegals cross through the crops, the crops have to be destroyed. So there are real impacts not just to our economy and local landowners, but there are impacts across this country that are being felt because of the disaster down there. [01:28:23][38.3]

STARNES: [01:28:24] Real quick, Karrin, before we let you go, and we certainly appreciate your time. The Justice Department announcing they are suing Arizona over this proof of citizenship to vote law that’s been on the books. Your reaction to the Justice Department’s actions? [01:28:39][15.5]

ROBSON: [01:28:41] Well, if I was governor or attorney general here in Arizona, I would fight that, you know, with everything I got, because there is no rational reason why we shouldn’t have to prove that we’re citizens to vote. We will we will fight and fight with everything we’ve got to make sure our elections are as safe as possible and make it easier to vote and harder to cheat. [01:29:04][23.4]

STARNES: [01:29:05] Alright, we’re going to leave it there. Karrin, thank you for coming on the program. We’d love to get your back and good luck out there on the campaign trail. [01:29:11][5.9]

ROBSON: [01:29:12] Alright, thank you, Todd. I’ll come back whenever you call. [01:29:15][2.9]

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