Georgia Democrats Say They’ve Discovered “Thousands” of “New Votes’

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Georgia Democrats are now telling us they have discovered thousands of “new” votes that were not counted in the governor’s race.

My original theory was that Democrats were going to continue to find enough ballots for Stacey Abrams to force a run-off with Republican Brian Kemp.

But now I suspect the Democrats are going to “discover” enough votes for Abrams to declare an all-out victory.

I doubt that any of you will be surprised by this news, but we must remain diligent. It’s imperative that Republican crowds at election board gatherings are just as large and as vocal as Democrats.

We cannot allow any political party to steal elections – but that’s exactly what’s happening right now in Florida, Arizona and now Georgia.

Several years ago the nation was rocked by gangs of flash mobs that targeted department stores, shopping malls and convenience stores. Today, the flash mob is targeting election boards — and their goal is to steal our votes.

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