Georgia Democrat Says Blue Wave Will Include Illegal Aliens

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Stacy Abrams, the Democratic nominee for governor in Georgia, says the coming “blue wave” is made up of illegal immigrants who will vote in the upcoming midterm election.

“The blue wave is African American, it’s white, it’s Latino, it’s Asian Pacific Islander, it is disabled, it is differently abled, it is LGBTQ, it is law enforcement, it is veterans, it is made up of those who are told that they are not worthy of being here. It is comprised of those who are documented and undocumented,” Abrams said at campaign rally.

Georgia Secretary of State and Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp condemned his opponents remarks during a segment on the Todd Starnes Radio Show 

Kemp called Abrams’ comments “very shocking” and that it was “unbelievable” that his opponent had said that.

“I believe Georgians will decide who the next governor is, not people that are here illegally,” the Republican nominee said. “I want to call on all Georgians to get out and…say no to the people who want illegals to have free college tuition and be able to vote in our great state.”

The Republican nominee for governor said that the upcoming election will “be decided by turnout” and whichever party manages to get their side to the polls will win because “there are very few undecideds in this race.”

“This is a fight for our values,” Kemp said “and for the soul of our state, and our people have got to turn out to say no to this supposed blue wave of illegal people voting in our elections.”

The Georgia Secretary of State said Georgia has “good laws and procedures…to check citizenship,” but Democrats are currently filing a lawsuit to get a judge to legislate from the bench to allow illegal immigrants to vote.

“They are trying to get a liberal judge that will rule that these folks can vote in Georgia, that’s outrageous and we’re not going to allow it to happen,” Kemp said. “We’re going to keep working hard, keep this state red. This is a race for the right direction and the wrong direction for Georgia.”

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