‘GROOMING FESTIVAL’: Journalist Witnesses Naked Men Playing with Kids at Pride

It was horrifying. Naked adults were playing with children at Seattle’s Pride fest and the police couldn’t do anything about it, Post Millennial reporter Katie Daviscourt said on the Todd Starnes Show. The following is a rush transcript of the interview.


STARNES: [01:47:29] We told you earlier about this disgusting video that came out of Seattle, the pride parade. You got the Boy Scouts marching with the rainbow flags and then you have a bunch of men that are butt naked and they’re riding around on bicycles. We’ve got the video up on our website. The reporter, though, that exposed a lot of this and pardon the pun is our good friend Katie Daviscourt, an incredible journalist writing for the Post Millennial, and she’s based in Seattle. Katie, good to have you with us today. [01:48:01][31.7]

KATIE DAVISCOURT: [01:48:02] Thank you for having me on. I’m so excited to be here. [01:48:04][1.9]

STARNES: [01:48:04] So have you got your eyesight back? I have to imagine you wanted to gouge your eyes after having to see what you saw yesterday. [01:48:11][6.7]

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DAVISCOURT: [01:48:12] You know what? It is so shocking, the events that occurred. You know, it’s evident that the nature of pride has taken a very dark turn in the sense of morality. Pride, you know, it went from being able to love who you want, to if you don’t accept me prancing around naked in front of a crowd of children and trying to groom them. Then, you know, you’re a homophobe. It was a shocking surprise that they were out in the open yesterday. [01:48:38][25.5]

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STARNES: [01:48:39] So, Katie, and that is the facts. I mean, we’ve got the photographic evidence and there were lots of children that were along the parade route. Did the police try to intervene? Did they tell these people to put on some clothes? What happened? [01:48:52][13.2]

DAVISCOURT: [01:48:53] Right. So let’s just start from the top. So I’ve been to many pride events in the past, but this year’s special acts of deviancy reached new heights. I don’t know a single reporter who likes to post footage of children on the Internet, but sadly, the events that occurred need to be exposed. And an estimated 500,000 people took over the streets of Seattle Sunday to celebrate Pride for the first time in about three years because the event was shut down from the pandemic. And out of all of the participants that could have opened the parade, the organizers chose the Boy and Girl Scouts of America, who recently changed their name to The Scouts to be more inclusive. And now, given the history of the Boy Scouts and the sexual molestation and pedophilia that has come out of their group, sadly, having the young children open the parade was a rather bold move. And following shortly behind the Boy Scouts was the group of naked cyclists, both male and female, circling the parade route, exposing their genitalia to children who came to attend the event, which was advertised as a family friendly event. And some of these cyclists were covered in body paint while the majority were fully exposed, leaving nothing unseen to the eye. But that video that you just talked about was nothing compared to what I witnessed at Pride Fest, which happened directly after the parade. And these are videos that I put on my Twitter. You can go check them out. Probably not for your show to post because… [01:50:36][103.2]

STARNES: [01:50:38] Oh my God, Oh, my God. I’m looking at it now. This is horrifying. [01:50:41][3.6]

DAVISCOURT: [01:50:43] Yeah, they are fully nude. And so I was going around Pride Fest interviewing people and I went to the international fountain. It’s our big fountain at the Seattle Center. And there were dozens of fully naked men and women playing in the fountain with children. [01:51:02][19.0]

DAVISCOURT: [01:51:03] How is this legal? [01:51:03][0.3]

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DAVISCOURT: [01:51:03] Exactly! How is this legal? And so I sat there shocked. I have never in the field, you know, Seattle is so insane. I’ve been at a loss for words a couple of times but this has actually left me at a loss for words witnessing grown adults playing in the fountain, naked with children. And so I sat there shocked and I was trying to find Seattle PD. And there’s a back story to this that I’ll explain. But I went up and I did find two officers and I asked them, what is going on? How can people be naked with these children? And they said that due to the city’s indecent exposure laws, public nudity is permissible under them unless someone feels threatened or harmed. And only then they could take action if someone were to file a police report. But I also think that the parents who decided to bring their kids to this seemed to have no problem. And it just goes to show that Pride has become a grooming festival to these young kids. [01:52:09][65.6]

STARNES: [01:52:10] Here’s what gets me, Katie. And I suspect you and I both know a lot of gay conservatives who would be appalled at this. But now is the moment for them to come out publicly and say they’re appalled by this, because, again, I would say that we’re dealing with a small but vocal group, I would think. But so far, I have yet to see anybody in the gay conservative movement coming out and condemning this kind of behavior. [01:52:38][27.5]

DAVISCOURT: [01:52:39] Absolutely. And it’s going to continue unless Pride decides to get back to its roots of acceptance. You know, we started we wanted equality within the country, which they did achieve. And then it turned into just acts of sexual deviancy out in the open. Yeah, Seattle PD, so the background on them was Pride actually banned them from attending the event. You know, Pride preaches tolerance and acceptance. But they banned Seattle police officers from participating in uniforms, despite the department having more than 100 employees belonging to the LGBTQ community and being among the most progressive in the nation. And so that’s also why there is a lack of police presence, because they weren’t welcomed at the event. And so when you have these sexual acts in public, and then you also have our city laws, police aren’t really allowed to even enforce laws anyways. So you have what happened at Pride. [01:53:45][65.3]

STARNES: [01:53:47] We’re coming up on the the the end of the show here, Katie, and I just thank you for covering this. And I’m sorry you had to see all those things, but I think parents need to understand what this is really all about. This is about the grooming. This is about the deviancy. Post Millennial folks. So you got to check out the website, read Katie’s work. Katie, thank you and God bless. And we’re going to get you back on the show later. [01:54:09][22.1]

DAVISCOURT: [01:54:10] Thank you, Todd. It was a pleasure. [01:54:11][0.9]

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