RED WAVE: Over 1 Million Dems Switch to GOP

As President Biden’s approval ratings plummet to record-breaking lows, a new report shows that over one million voters have abandoned the Democratic party to join the GOP in the last year.


AP analysis revealed that across 43 states, in rural areas and cities alike, voters are growing dissatisfied with the Democrat-controlled White House and Congress. The flight from the Democrat party is most pronounced in suburban areas, where many swing voters reside.

Do you think Republicans are going to take back control of Congress in November?

The report noted that this phenomenon is most apparent in counties surrounding large cities like Denver, Atlanta, Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

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One suburban Colorado voter who is planning to vote Republican in November expressed his dismay over the current state of the Democratic party but did not seem thrilled with Republicans either.

“It’s more so a rejection of the left than embracing the right,” Ben Smith told the AP.

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According to L2, political consulting firm, of the 1.7 million voters who changed their party affiliation in the last year, nearly one million became Republicans while only 630,000 joined the Democratic party.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel provided an explanation for the political shift to the AP. “Biden and Democrats are woefully out of touch with the American people, and that’s why voters are flocking to the Republican Party in droves.”

She continued, “American suburbs will trend red for cycles to come.”

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Emily Seidel, the leader of a grassroots political organization told the AP that she has seen evidence of the shift in her work among suburban voters.

In her explanation of the apparent flight from Democrats and their woke policies among this demographic, Seidel said, “The party itself is no longer Democrat, it’s progressive socialism.”

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