Hillary Clinton Mocked for ‘Gutsy’ Women She Left Out of Book

Hillary Clinton is getting mocked online for ignoring “true” gutsy women in her book.

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The former Secretary of State’s “The Book of Gutsy Women” has now been turned into an eight-part AppleTV docuseries.

Fox News Host Laura Ingraham was one of the many to call out Clinton for women she left out of the book, including former Queen Elizabeth II:

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“Hillary Clinton just wrote a book about ‘gutsy’ women. Guess which 96yo reigning monarch of 70 years she failed to include?” Ingraham tweeted.

Has Hillary Clinton forgotten about the "true" gutsy women?

View the video below:

Other people followed Ingraham’s lead on Twitter continuing to mock Clinton for her lack of “gutsy women” like Ghislaine Maxwell and Monica Lewinsky.

Read some of these replies below:

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