Huckabee to Bernie Sanders: Good Luck Trying to Round Up Us Rednecks for the Gulags

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Project Veritas recorded secret video of a Bernie Sanders campaign staffer suggesting that Trump supporters and billionaires should be sent to Soviet-era gulags to be re-educated.

Governor Mike Huckabee weighed in on this absurd leftist insanity on the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

“It’s crazy that in America you have someone working for a presidential candidate who thinks we ought to round up people who disagree with him and put them in some kind of re-education camp,” the governor said. “That’s the of stuff of George Orwell books, it’s not the stuff of America.”

The governor is absolutely right – we are dealing with a clear and present danger in our nation – socialism.

That’s why the left wants to crack down on religious liberty and free speech. And that’s also why the socialists want to disarm the American people.

Governor Huckabee said it best:

“Good luck coming down south and rounding up a bunch of us rednecks – and I’ll leave it right there,” he said.