Hunter Biden Texted Pornhub Link to ‘Dad’: Daily Mail

Hunter Biden‘s cell phone history includes shocking searches of edgy pornography categories and a message to “Dad” on his contacts containing a link to porn, the Daily Mail reports.

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Should Hunter Biden be in jail?

These developments are just the latest of the multiple scandals involving President Biden‘s son which include the infamous “laptop from hell” allegedly containing child pornography, his drug addiction and Chinese business payouts that mention the “Big Guy” himself.

“This is absolutely disgusting,” national radio host Todd Starnes said on Wednesday. “But this is what’s been going on in the Biden crime syndicate.”


Below is a rushed transcript of Todd Starnes on the Todd Starnes Show, which airs live across the nation noon to 3p.m. EST.

Starnes: [00:50:42] Daily Mail has a report about Hunter Biden, and it’s not good. According to The Daily Mail, Hunter Biden’s search history on that laptop, this goes back to March 19th, reveals his obsession with porn and a penchant for filming himself having sex with prostitutes. The Daily Mail reporting that Hunter Biden’s search history reveals an obsession with porn, including incest fantasies involving 18 year-olds, lonely widow porn and MILF crack cocaine porn. The search history also includes instructions on how to hack a lover’s cellphone, along with repeated Google searches of himself. Now, according to the Daily Mail, the searches cover just six days in March of 2019 before he broke his laptop and took it to the repair shop there in Delaware. And that’s where Hunter Biden literally abandoned the website. But they say there are dozens of videos on the laptop that reveal Hunter’s penchant, if you will, for filming himself having sex with prostitutes and then posting home movies on his own PornHub account under the username R-H-East. The president’s son, the Daily Mail reports, took care not to show his face in the uploaded videos. This is disgusting. This is absolutely disgusting. But this is what’s been going on in the Biden crime syndicate. It’s sickening. Absolutely sickening what Hunter Biden has been up to. Of the 281 websites captured in his browsing history, over six days, 98 were pornographic. Other text messages show he and Joe Biden used each other’s phone numbers at various times. So it’s unclear whether the president was using a phone number. Hunter texted a link to a Pornhub page to a number that he saved in his contacts in his contact book as ‘Dad’. So now the question is, was it I mean, the allegation here is that in the Daily Mail is that Hunter Biden was sending his dad, links to his PornHub page. Biden was 49 years old at the time, and he also searched for porn videos involving teenagers, according to his browsing history. Had the Trump had the Trump kids done anything like this, they would have been crucified. This would be wall to wall news coverage all over America. But the mainstream media, they are bought and paid for… By the Biden crime syndicate. And there’s no way, no way that they would ever report this kind of damning information.

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