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August 11, 2023
Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel in the Hunter Biden investigation which Republicans are slamming as a “coverup.” […]
July 26, 2023
After the plea deal broke down for first son Hunter Biden, he pleaded not guilty Wednesday. NEWSMAX STORY: President Joe […]
July 19, 2023
The IRS agent, known as “Whistleblower X,” alleging political influence in the Hunter Biden tax investigation, revealed his identity Wednesday […]
June 28, 2023
An IRS whistleblower told CBS News that while helping to oversee the five-year probe of Hunter Biden he repeatedly was […]
June 23, 2023
First son Hunter Biden on Thursday night attended a White House state dinner, his first official appearance since reaching a […]
June 23, 2023
Members of the House Ways and Means Committee, following an executive meeting Thursday, released redacted transcripts of whistleblower testimony from […]
June 22, 2023
How bad do you have to be that a secret sex club tells you to get the hell out? That’s […]
June 20, 2023
President Biden and former President Trump have responded to the DOJ’s plea deal with first son Hunter Biden revealed Tuesday. […]
May 16, 2023
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) removed the “entire investigative team” from its criminal investigation into Hunter Biden Monday, which an […]
December 20, 2022
The FBI paid nearly $3.5 million in taxpayer funds to Twitter to censor conservatives, according to the latest “Twitter Files” […]