INVASION! Rep. Jody Hice Says Border Crisis is ‘Chilling to the Bone’

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The immigration crisis at the US southern border continues to be a point of contention and gridlock for Washington politics, but the urgency of the issue is not lost on one member of the House Freedom Caucus.

Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA) did not mince words about the dire situation at the border during an interview on The Todd Starnes Radio Show. 

“It is a crisis of indescribable proportions and it is absolutely chilling to the bone to see it in person,” Hice said, noting that a whopping 36 tons of marijuana cross that section of the border every week (not to mention the tons of cocaine and heroin that are also trafficked weekly).

Since December more than 200,000 illegal aliens claiming to be family members have been released into the United States. It’s absolutely outrageous.

The crisis at the border has left the men and women of the US Border Patrol “overwhelmed” and “not prepared” for the sheer quantity of the migrants coming to the border seeking to gain entry into the United States, the congressman said.


“The numbers that are being apprehended are indescribable,” he said. “As a result we’re just seeing increased groups coming across the border from all over the world.”

The Georgia congressman said that those asylum-seekers overwhelming border patrol agents have been released into communities, due to a “loophole” in asylum law.

“This is not a manufactured crisis as they have been lying to the American people,” Hice said. “This thing is for real.”

Starnes asserted that Democrats “don’t care” about the issue of immigration, and said “the American people are beyond frustrated” as it seems that President Trump’s national emergency doesn’t seem to be doing much at the moment.

“Things are happening,” Hice reassured Starnes, “but there’s no question those areas of progress are happening with the pulling and scratching and gnashing of teeth from the Democrats to stop it all, and it’s all coming just simply from hatred for the president.”

The Freedom Caucus member said that around 16 thousand illegal immigrants are apprehended every week, and are brought by drug cartels who profit off of trafficking migrants to the United States.

“It’s about $82 million a week that the cartels are profiting just here in the Rio Grande Valley,” Hice said. “You compare that with an annual budget that our Border Patrol has here in this sector of about 13 million a year…it gives you just an idea of just how intense the crisis is and the battle that our Border Patrol agents are up against.”

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