Kristan Hawkins Celebrates Roe on ‘Ash Heap of History’

It is no surprise that pro-abortion radicals are calling for violence in the streets when they already support the violence of abortion, Kristan Hawkins said on the Todd Starnes Show.



TODD STARNES: I want to go live to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Kristan Hawkins with Students for Life. Kristan, where are you and how excited are you about today’s ruling?

KRISTAN HAWKINS: I am in Washington, D.C. I was there at the Supreme Court reading the decision as it came down in front of the first post-Roe generation. It’s been quite an exciting day in the past couple of hours. This is something that we’ve been working for, for my entire adult life. Folks in the pro-life movement have, you know, sacrificed and so forth before I was even conceived, the seeds of that 49-and-a-half-year-old egregious decision come down today and be thrown onto the ash heap of history.

STARNES: Kristan, what was the scene like outside the Supreme Court? I mean, it seemed to be fairly jubilant from what we could gather.

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HAWKINS: it absolutely was. You know, Students for Life has been out from the court every decision day since the end of March. Rain, hail, snow, sun, we’ve been there. So, of course, we were there today. We had a little sound system. We had a group of students. We actually have hundreds of students here in Washington, D.C. Because of security reasons, we actually had hundreds of them, you know, kind of behind the Supreme Court waiting for the decision to come down. So they flooded in as soon as the decision came down, there was cheering, lots of crying, lots of tears of joy, you know, women who have experienced the horror of abortion. There were a lot of post-abortive men and women in that crowd today as I looked out and gave my remarks and it was just, it is almost impossible to describe the feeling that we know that today, as of 2 hours ago, abortion facilities in Kentucky and in Texas and all these other states, they’re actually ceasing business and we know tomorrow, as many as 880 children can be spared the violence of abortion when 26 states act, when their preexisting laws and their trigger laws go into effect to protect life at conception. This decision was not, you know, a simple political victory a notch in the belt. This decision today to right that egregious wrong of Roe versus Wade means millions of pre-born children, little boys and little girls will be allowed to live. Nancy Pelosi asked today what was going on. Life is going on. And she was there and I was getting ready to do an interview for NBC. And she was trying to convince America that the right to bear arms wasn’t in the Constitution, but the right to have an abortion, to dismember your child, simply because your child’s inconvenient, was in the Constitution. Nancy Pelosi needs some new glasses.

Are you surprised by violence from pro-abortion activists?

STARNES: And an earring, too, we’ll play that audio in a little bit and we’ll explain what that’s all about. Kristan Hawkins from Students for Life on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Now, Kristan, there have been concerns about violence in the aftermath. I’m curious, have you guys been alerted by law enforcement to be prepared?

HAWKINS: Yeah, we have actually met with law enforcement. We filed an FBI complaint right after the draft decision. I actually have a security detail with me today. That’s why, like I said, we had hundreds more students actually in D.C. who we did not let come in front of the court because we were worried about their safety and security. We, for the first time in our 16 years existence, now have an armed security guard working in our national headquarters, which, you know, only 10% of my staff is even there on daily basis because we’re out on college campuses. So we are very worried. The people who are out infront of the court today, the gnashing of teeth that happened in front of the court. Those people will take to the streets tonight. There are signs all over D.C. calling for the night of rage. We have taken precautions. We pulled our insurance policies. We know what coverage we have for acts of terrorism. And my prayer is that these folks go away peacefully and that no one is injured. It’s very sad to say, you know, we have a Department of Justice that easily labels parents a potential domestic terrorism threat and calls in the National Guard when parents get too rowdy at a local school board hearing. But when more than 40 pregnancy centers and churches have been under assault for weeks, fire bombings, vandalization threats, nothing has been done. And, you know, the government, whether it’s the Biden administration or state governors, they need to take this seriously because this is terrorism. And we should not be surprised sadly that those who advocate for violence behind the closed doors of an abortion facility are now openly committing it in the streets. The abortion industry, Planned Parenthood, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, they need to be called out by the national media, called to condemn this. No one is asking them to condemn the violence, condemn the violent rhetoric. But I’ve been the one preparing this pro-life generation. Our 1,300 groups on college and high school campuses across the country for the vandalization, for efforts that we know are going to be underway to hurt them, to stop their advocacy on campus.

STARNES: And let me jump in here, Kristan. And you’re not kidding. I mean, since the draft was leaked, you’ve had 16 churches vandalized, 16 pro-life pregnancy centers vandalized. You’ve had, what, four pro-life pregnancy centers firebombed. And they tried to assassinate a Supreme Court justice. And President Biden has yet to condemn any of that.

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HAWKINS: That’s right. And the mainstream media, I was doing interviews yesterday, the BBC, L.A. Times. Every single interview I’ve done, I’ve asked, why haven’t you called this out? Any time someone who espouses any anti-abortion views uses violent rhetoric or attempts to use violence immediately, the pro-life movement proactively condemns violence because that’s antithetical to who we are. But yet, when this happened and their own leaders are using this rhetoric, ginning up their own base, calling it the, you know, the summer of rage, they are not being held accountable for destruction of property and the violence.

STARNES: No, they’re not. And Kristan, real quick, we’ve got about 30 seconds here. And it’s important for people to understand this. It’s not like you guys are closing up shop now. Your work is just starting because this fight now goes back to the states.

HAWKINS: Absolutely. We have gone from one location in Washington, D.C., banging on the door, Supreme Court waiting for them to reverse their egregious decision to 50 state capitols. And that’s actually where the pro-life generation will be tomorrow. 50 state capitols demanding that our governors, attorney generals, our state legislators, they uphold pro-life laws. They uphold their pro-life convictions, act on their pro-life convictions, and do what we should have done decades ago and protect all life, human life from the moment of conception. [00:07:26][30.4]

STARNES: Alright, good stuff Kristan, congratulations. This would not have happened without the incredible work of Students for Life and Kristan Hawkins. No doubt about it.

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