Lara Trump Blames Biden For Dog’s Bad Behavior; Offers to Rescue Presidential Pooch

Lara Trump told the “Todd Starnes Show” Thursday she would be willing to rescue first dog Commander from the Biden White House.

Host Todd Starnes asked the daughter-in-law of former President Trump about the report the Bidens’ dog has attacked several Secret Service members.

Mrs. Trump, who hosts “The Right View” podcast, has rescued several dogs from pretty dire circumstances and currently has three dogs of her own.

“They can all have different tendencies, but they typically, Todd, kind of take on the attitude and really their environment, the attitude of their owner and the environment that they’re in,” Trump said. “So while again, I will not claim to be a dog expert, I have dealt with a lot of dogs throughout my life. I do a lot with dog rescue and all I can say is potentially you may want to look at the owners of the dog whenever you have a problem like we have seen happen here.”

Judicial Watch revealed Commander has been involved in 10 attacks on USSS agents in D.C. and at the Bidens’ beach house in Delaware.

“I will never blame a dog,” Trump added. “I always believe it is up to the owner of the dog to treat them a certain way. Make sure they’re disciplined, make sure they listen and treat them with a certain amount of love and respect. What have these sorts of problems? Yes, it is. It’s a really crazy situation. I don’t know what is going down at the White House. Now, people gave Donald Trump a bit of a hard time for not having a dog. But this is on the other end of the spectrum. This is where it like, you know. So now from the dock, I’ve never heard something like this happening.

Trump said she’ll rescue the first dog and make him her “fourth” dog.

“I’m open to a fourth dog if they want to send the dog my way,” she said. “I will take it on and I can guarantee you won’t be seeing any of these problems.”

Do you blame Biden for his dogs attacking Secret Service agents?

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