Liz Harrington Explains Trump’s Decision to Endorse Dr. Oz

The decision of former President Trump to endorse Dr. Mehmet Oz for Senate was cleared up by Liz Harrington on Tuesday on the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

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Was Trump right to endorse Dr. Oz?

Given the Senate candidate’s track record doesn’t exactly coincide with that of a true conservative, many Republican voters were left with questions as to why Trump would support someone who used to be pro-abortion.

According to Harrington, this support is cemented from “a personal relationship that goes back many many years” between Trump and Oz. Not only is that bond crucial to the endorsement, but also that Trump similarly came into the political sphere from outside Washington D.C.

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“Since Dr. Oz hasn’t been in politics ever before, people have known him in a totally different realm, they’re unsure of his politics,” she said. “A lot of criticism came President Trump’s way. They said, ‘He’s not a conservative, he’s not really pro-life. He turned out to be the most pro-life, the most conservative and the most common sense, just a great leader for our country.”

The endorsement of Trump carries real weight when it comes to this year’s GOP primaries. With close to 200 endorsements given overall, he has already had notable wins including Doug Mastriano (R-PA) for Governor, JD Vance (R-OH) for Senate and Greg Abbott (R-TX) running for re-election as Governor.

Although he may be currently leading against David McCormick, the margin is razor-thin as the race is still too close to call in Pennsylvania.


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