Liz Peek: ‘Nitwit’ Kamala Harris ‘Probably NOT As Dangerous As Joe Biden’

President Biden’s latest gaffes are turning more and more dangerous and probably worse than if Kamala Harris becomes commander-in-chief if the 25th Amendment is invoked, Liz Peek said on the Todd Starnes Show.

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TODD STARNES: [00:58:08] ou know, I know I’m in a sort of a disco vibe disco mood today, and I wonder if Liz Peek is- on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Liz, I love this bumper music here. It takes me back. [00:58:18][10.2]

LIZ PEEK: [00:58:20] It really does. I don’t know. I hear you’re having a mellow day. I would say, which is great [00:58:27][6.5]

Who is more dangerous as commander-in-chief?

TODD: [00:58:28] You see? Well, Liz, you know, I grew up in the in the 70s, but I sort of I was that, you know, it was really the late 70s, 80s. So kind of the the end of the disco era into, you know, MTV’s so it’s just quite frankly, it was a great era for music, in my estimation. [00:58:45][16.2]

LIZ: [00:58:45] Yeah, not so great for a lot of other things, but you know, and inflation being among them, I mean, I hate to bring up with the I-word, but you know, it is interesting to me. I heard today for the first time on a business news channel, somebody talking about how tech shares really kind of are attractive even in an inflationary environment, because they can price their products. I got to tell you, for weeks, I’ve been thinking, why is everybody beating up on tech shares? They can raise prices. Apple can raise the price of its iPhone. We’re not going to buy it if it’s $10 more, $20 more or whatever, you know. I mean, I remember, unfortunately, an inflationary period. What you do and it is interesting to me to reflect on the fact that so few people who are investing money who are active in the market today have had that experience. They just don’t know. [00:59:36][51.1]

TODD: [00:59:38] Oh, Liz, we brought you on today to talk about your incredible column, Biden’s reckless words, Ukraine missteps raise risks for US. And, you know, yesterday he added a fourth one, they had to walk back. He talked about Americans training Ukrainian troops and Poland, and of course, at the White House, said, No, that’s not. That’s not accurate. But the president is denying he’s misspoken at all about anything. [01:00:03][25.4]

LIZ: [01:00:05] He’s just in denial today. And as long as they are kind of sad. Except here’s the thing, I think it has gotten to a place now where it’s actually dangerous. What he said on that trip to Poland about taking Putin out, about using chemical weapons, all these things are enormous propaganda value for Vladimir Putin. There is no question it was a huge gift to our enemy, and that’s who he is. And and I think the fact that Biden is sort of claiming it didn’t happen or then said, Oh, you know, it’s OK, it’s just my personal view.” OK, when you’re president, the United States, you don’t have personal guilt. Your views are the views and the policies of America. You were speaking for the country. And by the way, that’s why they used to bang on Donald Trump so much because he would sort of say what came into his head, even if it wasn’t for diplomacy. And oftentimes it was not the expected thing. Well, there is a value to diplomacy. There’s a value to caution and particularly, oh my god, in the middle of a war. I mean, I thought it was I actually thought it was dangerous. And the fact that he doesn’t seem to understand what went wrong. You know, kind of confirms everybody’s anxieties, I think. [01:01:23][78.0]

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TODD: [01:01:23] Well, I think people, you know again, students of world history remember how World War One started. And then you have Biden out there calling for regime change in Russia. And Liz- that the danger is there and we know how the Russians are there. They’re evil people. They could easily stage something. They could, you know, and they could blame it on the United States. And there you go, boom. We’re in the middle of a shooting war. [01:01:47][23.7]

LIZ: [01:01:48] Yeah. Well, I mean, clearly, that’s the case. You know, Putin is telling Russians and Russians don’t have any recourse. They don’t know what’s going on in Ukraine. It is a shock to them when they’re shown pictures. There was a very good film sequence on Radio Free Europe website showing people being interviewed. The street- Russians don’t know what’s happening. They don’t believe they don’t believe it. When you say, Well, you know Putin’s bombing Kiev and they look at pictures, they say, No, no, that’s just propaganda. Putin is lying to people. He’s saying, we are under attack. I have had to have this so-called special military operation because the West is attacking us through Ukraine. So how much easier is his case to make now that Biden has used this injudicious language now that Biden has talked about our troops going into Ukraine? And I mean, it’s just unfathomable, I assume his aid when he is talking sits there just bare knuckled, white knuckled. I should say, excuse me. You know, wondering what he’s going to say next. And by the way, Todd, doesn’t those who wander when he’s on a phone call with Xi Jinping things for two hours. These are little moments worth catching where he does something injudicious and dangerous. What about a two hour phone call? What can go on? Is it any wonder we have not had a readout of that call he had with Xi Jinping? I think it’s appalling that we don’t know what was said. And honestly, it makes me very fearful. [01:03:26][97.4]

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TODD: [01:03:27] I was shocked. I don’t know if you saw the photos that have been circulating where he had his cheat sheet that literally had the questions on the sheet of paper with his direct response, how he was to respond to these questions. I mean, that’s how that’s how micromanaging they are to this guy. [01:03:45][17.8]

LIZ: [01:03:46] Well, they have to be. And now we know what? What happens? I mean, he can’t even read a teleprompter speech without getting into trouble. Remember, by the way, one of the first instances of this, which went more or less unnoticed a year ago, he wrote, he delivered a big speech on climate change. And in the middle, he said it won’t matter because what we do won’t matter anyway. And it was not in the- I went back and I couldn’t believe my ears. I went back and looked at the transcript, the official transcript that wasn’t in there. It was another one of these ad libs or comments. Of course, it is true. That’s the problem. When Biden goes off the rails like this, what he says is actually usually the case. It is the case that no matter what we do on climate change in the United States, it is going to be buried by the increase in emissions coming out of India and China, it is they are way bigger than us now, and it’s only going to get worse, so we’ll have to watch what the president says and these so-called gaffes, which are not gaffes. These are statements that are actually reflecting what Biden is thinking that pop out unexpectedly and unscripted. That’s what’s really going on in his life. And you know, it is really worrisome. And I have to say I do think there is going to be if it continues to happen and I don’t know how I can get any worse than what happened over the last weekend. But if it does continue, I think we’re going to hear renewed chatter about the 25th Amendment. I think people are going to look at Kamala Harris and say, Yeah, she’s sort of a nitwit, but she’s probably not as dangerous as Joe Biden. And I think actually, that’s true. [01:05:29][103.2]

TODD: [01:05:30] She’s a nitwit, but not as dangerous. That’s where we are right now. Liz [01:05:34][3.8]

LIZ: [01:05:34] you know what it is. [01:05:36][1.8]

TODD: [01:05:36] And three years to go, three years to go? [01:05:39][2.2]

LIZ: [01:05:39] Yeah, yeah. [01:05:40][0.7]

TODD: [01:05:41] All right, Liz. Great. Great column. Folks, we’ve got it up on the web site and links to all of Liz’s pages. You can check that out there, Liz. Always good hearing from you. [01:05:52][11.2]

LIZ: [01:05:53] Thank you. Thank you for having me on. Take care. [01:05:55][1.9]

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