Lou Dobbs Says Trump Greatest President in History

Lou Dobbs, the host of Fox Business’ “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” told the “Todd Starnes Show” on Tuesday that President Trump is the greatest president in American history and his name will go down in the “pantheon of American heroes.”

Dobbs did not make the comment lightly. He pointed to the constant barrage that Trump has faced from Democrats during his tenure and the recent threat of another impeachment. Trump’s unbowed leadership and achievements, despite the constant attacks, have historic implications. His gutsy leadership has even emboldened other Republicans, Dobbs said.


“It’s just a time where everything’s coming together and Republicans realize that if they give one ounce of ground to the left this Republic could be… this Republic could be lost,” Dobbs said.

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Dobbs said that the Democrats have been in a “permanent state of psychosis” after Trump’s announcement in 2015 that he was running for office. And the assaults started under President Obama’s leadership. Dobbs pointed to the Obama administration’s probe into the Trump campaign and called it one of the biggest political scandals in the country’s history.


“This president has just been assaulted by the left,” Dobbs said. “They have become the party of hate and I think evil. And I think this president is standing tall and moving ahead as he always does. It seems the worse the attack, the stronger he gets,” Dobbs said.


Dobbs pointed to similarities between Trump and Abraham Lincoln. He said Trump has achieved more in his first term than any other president since Lincoln and said they were both constantly assailed by critics.

“I really think he [Trump] is the greatest president and his record proves it,” Dobbs said. He pointed to Trump’s “indomitable strength” and unparalleled leadership.

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Todd Starnes, the host of the program, mentioned Dobbs’ new book, “The Trump Century,” and said the Fox Business host managed to pinpoint who Donald Trump is as a person, his impact on the last few years and the direction of the country.

“This president has laid the foundation for the remainder of the 21st Century,” Dobbs said. He pointed to Trump’s simple yet vilified message of “Keep America First,” and said the only reason Democrats bristle at such a thought is due to the fact that– for years– they’ve put almost everybody and everything before the country they represent.

Starnes said that he’s noticed a trend among young people towards patriotism and said Trump’s own unabashed love for the country is likely the impetus.

Dobbs said he believes Trump will serve a second term and can’t imagine how any American could believe that Biden is up for the task of holding the office.

“I really do think that this president is unparalleled in his achievements and what he will do in his second term,” Dobbs said.

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