MARSHA BLACKBURN: It Only Took Martha’s Vineyard Elites 48 Hours to Say ‘Get Out Of Our Town’

Martha’s Vineyard elites refused to tolerate illegals in their community for just 48 hours while claiming to be tolerant and compassionate, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) said on the Todd Starnes Show.

Are rich, white liberals hypocrites?

“It is astounding that it took 48 hours for the people in an elite community to say ‘No, get them out of our town,” Blackburn told Starnes.

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The senator continued to point out the hypocrisy of America’s liberal, wealthy elites.

“I don’t hear one single person saying, we’re concerned for what these individuals have suffered as they have been under the thumb of the cartels,” Blackburn said.

She continued to tell the Todd Starnes Show audience that drug cartels are profiting from sending illegals across the border, and many of the migrants are being raped and abused as they make the journey.

Starnes pointed out that the minor inconvenience that was intolerable to the Martha’s Vineyard folks hardly compares to the hardships experienced by border communities dealing with the influx of illegal immigrants.

“It took Democrats less than 48 hours to do something about the illegals who ended up in Martha’s Vineyard,” Starnes said. “Meanwhile, you’ve got people along the border in those towns and communities that are suffering as a result of inaction by the Biden administration.”

Listen to the full conversation here:

The following is a rush transcript from the Todd Starnes Show which airs daily from noon to 3:00 p.m. EST.

STARNES: [01:00:51] We have from the great state of Tennessee, Senator Marsha Blackburn. Senator. Hope you’re doing well today. 

BLACKBURN: I am doing well. And as always, delighted to join you, Todd. Thank you.

STARNES: And you know, Senator, it’s interesting. We were talking about this issue of so many soldiers having to use food stamps. At least that’s what the Pentagon is telling them. If you can’t make ends meet, go and get government cheese. And a lot of our listeners really got put off by that. And they feel like we ought to be doing a better job taking care of our military.

BLACKBURN: Well, indeed we should. And Senator Duckworth from Illinois and I joined hands on this issue two years ago and addressed the food needs, making certain there is supplemental income to can’t take care of the food needs for our troops. This is just inconceivable that a military spouse who is tending to a family by themselves, male or female, while the spouse is deployed, would be put in a position of having to go get food stamps to feed their family.

STARNES:  Senator, it’s an issue that I hope the Republicans are able to address once you guys retake the House and the Senate. And maybe we could do something to help these brave men and women who are literally putting their lives on the line every day so that we can be free. I want to go to your Twitter feed. You’ve got so many huge issues we want to ask you about. And, of course, you point out something very interesting, that it took Democrats less than 48 hours to do something about the illegals who ended up in Martha’s Vineyard. Meanwhile, you’ve got people along the border in those towns and communities that are suffering as a result of inaction by the Biden administration. [01:02:44][41.4]

BLACKBURN: You know what that is? It is astounding that it took 48 hours for the people in an elite community to say no. Get them out of our town. Well, they took them to a military base. But isn’t it interesting, the people that do all of this virtue signaling, be kind, don’t say this, don’t do that. They were the first ones within 48 hours to say, “No, no, no, we don’t have the ability to care for these individuals. We don’t have the resources. We don’t have the infrastructure. It was just so interesting to me. Here you have one of the wealthiest communities in the country and it took them 48 hours to say, “Bring in the busses. We need to be sure we move them somewhere else.” So then they were taken to barracks on the military base. 

STARNES:  I mean, when you look at what’s happening, we were telling you a story earlier in the show about a second-generation barbecue place down in Eagle’s pass, and they had to sell their business. They’ve been broken into so many times. They are literally living in fear of their lives. That is not right. That is not how Americans should have to live on American soil. And I’m so glad to see you and other lawmakers standing up and fighting for these good people. 

BLACKBURN: Well, and indeed, we’re going to continue that work.

STARNES:  And again, to that point, you were one of the first to point out that it was Joe Biden who was flying in the dark of night, illegal aliens, into Chattanooga, Tennessee, and dropping off the illegals. So this is not like something new. What’s happening with Ron DeSantis and Governor Greg Abbott and Doug Duecy? They’re just following the lead of the Biden administration. 

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BLACKBURN: Well, you’re right about that. And with all of these elite communities that want to say, we can’t do this, or Chicago that says, let’s book out a hotel and send them to the suburbs, I don’t hear one single person saying, we’re concerned for what these individuals have suffered as they have been under the thumb of the cartels. And they’re not looking at the drugs, the humanitarian crisis. I mean, just the abuse that these individuals are subjected to, whether it’s drugs or sex or whatever. And, you know, Todd, it is just frightening to think about these women and girls that think, oh, this is the way we can go to America. We can work out our fee. Once we get there and what happens is they put a ban on them, they’re going to be tracked. The cartels are going to use them until they use them up. And I just find it to be such a humanitarian crisis and a travesty. And when you talk to our human trafficking agencies and sex trafficking agencies and those that are dealing with the issue of drugs, the border is a part of this issue. And closing that border is a big part of solving the problems that are around these issues. 

STARNES: Senator Marsha Blackburn is on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Senator, one other thing I’d love for you to weigh in on. You have legislation that is going to target these criminals who are on the streets. I mean, just over the weekend, this crazy story about a guy in New York City armed with an ax that was destroying a McDonald’s and terrorizing people, that guy is already back out on the streets. But you’ve got some legislation, Restoring Law and Order Act. What will that do?

BLACKBURN: Yes. And as we have worked with our Tennessee sheriffs and our law enforcement officers and then following the atrocities that have just been heartbreaking in Memphis, what we decided was Senator Haggerty and I said, you know, let’s put a bill together. One of the provisions would require a GAO study on processing these rape kits. We know that for some reason, this processing seemed to be going very slow. It should be a matter of days, not months, that rape kits are returned to local law enforcement. And we want to find out why and see how systemic this problem is. Another thing that we’re looking at is repositioning some of this money that has been brought forward through COVID funding so that our local communities can hire more law enforcement officers, pay them in a more equitable manner, give them the resources that they need to fight crime in the streets, in gangs, some of the drug trafficking crimes, the fentanyl overdoses. So it is making law enforcement a priority so that these local law enforcement entities have what they need to keep our communities safe. We have heard from so many people about the problems that are there with the rising crime. And, you know, Todd, this is something we can do something about. And yes, indeed, we are going to continue to push on it. 

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STARNES: Well, I think I could speak on behalf of all of my fellow Memphians by saying thank you for doing something. You and Senator Hagerty. It is just it’s really heartbreaking what’s happening. And in Memphis, there are so many great people there, so many great businesses and entrepreneurs. And it’s just not right that progressives have allowed criminals to take charge. Senator, we’re going to leave it there. Always great to hear from you. And we look forward to seeing you back in Memphis one of these days. 

BLACKBURN: You got it. Take care. Bye bye.

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