MTG: ‘Shocking’ Details Coming on Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Get ready for “shocking” information about Hunter Biden’s laptop, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said on the Todd Starnes Show.

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Should Hunter Biden be in prison?

Based on the Georgia Republican’s sources, the contents of the infamous laptop are worse than anyone imagined.

“But, really, the whole point of it is people have known what’s on that laptop a long time and there have been very many people that have helped cover it up and have kept it hidden from the American people and have not prosecuted the real crimes that exist there,” said Greene.

“That is what is so shameful to me, but I think it’s time to hold everyone accountable in this, and it’s not just Hunter Biden, it’s very much Joe Biden,” she said.

News involving Hunter’s laptop broke just weeks before the 2020 presidential election. It was quickly dismissed by a wide variety of people and organizations as fake news or “Russian disinformation.” Some mainstream media operations have since come forward to say that Hunter Biden’s laptop was real. That has caused people to take another look at reported emails from Hunter and whether Joe benefited from his son’s business activities.

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In 2021, Greene introduced articles of impeachment for President Joe Biden because of the laptop situation.

“We already know that he is guilty of corruption, that he is compromised by his son, Hunter Biden, and the American people are paying a price for it,” said Greene. “So, I believe Joe Biden must be impeached, but I also believe we ought to hold accountable every single person who knew about what was on that laptop and were in a position to do something about it and they failed and then they played a big part in the coverup.”

According to Greene, that involves a lot of media companies, social media companies, and law enforcement officials.

“It’s very, very soon going to come out,” said Greene. “It blows my mind that this was even ever allowed to happen. It blows my mind that Joe Biden is our president.”

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