My Faith Votes Pushes Kansas Pro-Life Legislation

My Faith Votes national chairman Jason Yates stressed the importance of Christians voting in the midterms on the Todd Starnes Show.

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Yates is encouraging Kansans to vote yes on the “Value Them Both” amendment on Tuesday, Aug. 2.

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TODD STARNES: [00:41:49] I want to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. We’ve got a great guest with us. His name is Jason Yates. He is with an incredible organization called MyFaithVotes. Jason, good to have you back with us. [00:42:02][12.7]

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Do Christians have a responsibility to vote?

JASON YATES: [00:42:03] Oh, Todd, I’m sitting here with my head in my hand, just listening to those comments you just played. [00:42:09][6.1]

STARNES: [00:42:09] It’s, you know, this would be probably the big story of the day had it not been for the fact that inflation hit 9.1%, a 40 year high. People can’t even afford to buy eggs at the grocery store anymore. It’s just crazy out there. [00:42:22][13.0]

YATES: [00:42:24] A lot of things going on that we need to be in prayer for. [00:42:26][2.4]

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STARNES: [00:42:27] Well, yes. And one of those, Jason, and we’re going to get to the overarching point of what MyFaithVotes does in just a minute. But you guys are boots on the ground and you are really supportive of this Value Them Both amendment in the state of Kansas. And I want you to tell our listeners what Value Them Both is all about. [00:42:49][21.9]

YATES: [00:42:50] So with Roe, we know that the battle is not over. The battle goes into 50 different places, 50 different state capitals around the issue of life and Kansas is dead center, the first major battle that’s taking place where they’re actually putting a vote to the electorate, to the people of Kansas and saying, is life something we value or are we willing to resurrect a Roe in the state of Kansas that somehow gives a false premise of a right to abortion? And so this amendment that’s happening on August 2nd and in fact, voting, early voting in Kansas starts today. But the vote will be August 2nd, and it is to put an amendment on the Constitution of the state of Kansas to say there is no right to abortion. And I’ll tell you what, Todd, if this passes, what it’s really going to do is to stop extreme abortion procedures, because we know that that’s fringe. That is not what everyday people want. And it’s going to stop that and stop Kansas from becoming New York or California. [00:44:25][94.8]

STARNES: [00:44:26] And this is the first state in the nation to vote and to give people the right to vote on this issue after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade. So this is a big deal. And I know that among others, not just yourself, but Mike Huckabee is endorsing a yes vote on this Kansas amendment. And we have a lot of listeners across the state of Kansas. And this is a big, big deal. [00:44:48][22.6]

YATES: [00:44:50] Yeah. We’re so pleased to have Mike Huckabee as our honorary national chairman for MyFaithVotes. And, you know, I couldn’t be more proud to elevate his voice in this as well and let people know that, yes, Kansas should vote yes on this amendment because yes is a pro-life vote. I’ll tell you what, though, in the past midterm elections, in the last primary, you know, there was a 27% turnout for the vote. So as we know, primaries don’t get a huge turnout. So every vote counts in that state leading up to August 2nd. So if you live there, please go. Please vote yes. It is a pro-life vote. [00:45:39][49.3]

STARNES: [00:45:39] If only people of faith across the nation got out to actually vote and engage the political process. We change the face and the direction of this nation in at least one election cycle. [00:45:49][9.9]

YATES: [00:45:51] Yeah, and that’s what MyFaithVotes is all about, we got started because we want to encourage and motivate people to vote, and we’re sending letters into Kansas from other people in Kansas and from other places. And we know that this works where they just put a handwritten note of encouragement to other Christians saying, please vote. And we’ve seen big increases in turnout from that. And we’re doing digital ads there as well. So that’s what we hope. We’re using proven processes and people can join with us and do it as well at MyFaithVotes.org [00:46:28][37.6]

STARNES: [00:46:29] I love it. Again, MyFaithVotes.org. And folks, we have a direct link to that great organization on our website. And it’s important to point out you guys are a nonpartisan movement. This is all about getting people of faith, Christians in America to vote in every single election. And Jason, you know, again, Roe v Wade, it’s just the start. So now the issue goes right back to the states. And that’s why, as you point out, every vote matters. [00:46:56][26.3]

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YATES: [00:46:57] You know, every vote does matter. And, you know, we can talk about what happened with the Supreme Court and we should celebrate what happened. But at the end of the day, what happened was a stand for the Constitution, right? Not a not a stand in one direction for a specific religious belief or what have you. But instead, it was recognizing the way our country was established that these type of things don’t belong with the federal government. It belongs with the state. But it also, as you know, Todd puts the responsibility on individuals in every single state to show up and to bring the values. You know, we bought into a lie of the separation of church and state, where people are believing that because they have a certain belief or certain set of values, they shouldn’t show up and be involved in politics. And we’re saying that in America, it’s we the people. We are meant to show up. All of us bring our different values and opinions. But that’s why we need people of faith so badly to do just that. [00:48:12][74.2]

STARNES: [00:48:12] And Jason, you and I have met a number of times and folks, this is his passion and his heart. And this is a very effective organization. MyFaithVotes, Jason, you’re doing a heck of a great job out there. And let’s just keep mobilizing folks. [00:48:27][15.2]

YATES: [00:48:29] Let’s do it. We need as many people to get involved with us. We have a great program called Action Partners that are just activating people who are raising their hands, saying, what can I do? And we’re resourcing people with specific tools, resources and opportunities to make a difference. Our letter writing campaign is one of them, but there are so many other opportunities and we need each of your listeners to sign up for MyFaithVotes.org. [00:48:58][29.9]

STARNES: [00:49:01] I Love it. Alright, we’re going to do that, Jason, and appreciate you coming on the program. We’re going to get you back on between now and Election Day as well. [00:49:07][5.9]

YATES: [00:49:07] Would love it. Thanks, Todd. Love everything you do. [00:49:10][2.2]

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