Obama Has Gas

Despite his climate crisis rhetoric, former President Barrack Obama had three propane tanks totaling 25,000 gallons in size installed at his oceanfront Martha’s Vineyard home.

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The Gateway Pundit reported that the Obamas requested three tanks, two sized at 1,000 gallons and one at 500 gallons, which could cost up to $75,000 to fill.

While the Obama family can afford this even as energy costs skyrocket, the average American using propane to heat their home is paying 54% more per year.

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Do you think Obama is a hypocrite?

Not only are the tanks incredibly expensive, they’re also not very environmentally friendly. Propane burns cleaner then coal, but it is by no means a solar panel or windmill.

Burning propane produces waste products like particulate matter, carbon monoxide, greenhouse gas and a host of other gasses into the air, according to the Daily Caller.

Many were shocked by the purchase because Obama has often been an outspoken advocate of green energy.

At a climate change summit during his term, Obama said, “our planet has been wounded by our actions.”

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Additionally, while advocating for clean energy, he once argued, “no challenge poses a greater threat to our children, our planet, and future generations than climate change.” 

The purchase received criticism on Twitter.

One user wrote, “Obama was approved by a select board to install a Commercial-Grade, 2,500 gallon propane tank on his Martha’s Vineyard property. Filling it costs $75,000, while Kerry is insisting NO MORE DRILLING.”

Other users suggested that Obama is using inside information to prepare for a “Great Depression” or impending energy crisis.

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