Peek: The Obama’s May Think Sleepy Uncle Joe is a Doofus

Liz Peek, the columnist at Fox News, told the “Todd Starnes Show” on Tuesday that it was interesting to watch Michelle Obama’s takedown attempt on President Trump during the Democratic National Convention last night and wondered aloud just how busy the former first lady is that she was unable to record the night’s top speech within the past few days.


Political pundits initially pointed out that Obama failed to mention Sen. Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s running mate, by name and speculated about some kind of rift. That theory was quickly put to bed after Biden’s campaign told reporters that Obama’s keynote speech was recorded too far in advance to mention Harris.

“It was kind of an important speech—it was the keynote of that first night—couldn’t she have recorded it in the last couple of days? Is Michelle Obama that busy that she couldn’t set aside a half-hour or whatever—an hour—to do that so that she could talk about Kamala Harris?”

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Peek said she takes issue with the nearly universal praise of Obama’s speech and called the entire evening “limp.” She said she thought the closing speech went on far too long and “lacked passion.”


“This is supposed to be the headliner speech of the night about Joe Biden, and I didn’t time it—it was about a 15-minute speech—but, literally, the first 13 minutes, she didn’t even mention Joe Biden,” Peek said. “People were speculating, for good reason, that she would have a lot of personal antidotes to, kind of, flesh out Joe Biden’s role in the White House, and if you listen carefully, there was none of that.”

Peek said Obama seemed to leave out any instances where her husband, Barack Obama, looked to Biden for advice or leadership.

“I was actually sort of stunned by that,” Peek said. She continued, “I actually began to wonder whether the Obamas didn’t think that old-sleepy-uncle Joe wasn’t a bit of a doofus.”

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She said Obama’s speech left one to wonder whether or not Biden was simply a placeholder in the White House during the Obama years.

“Did he do anything while he was in the White House?” Peek asked. “I don’t know. I kind of wondered… and I was actually struck by that.”

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