Pennsylvania School District Defends Hiding Student Gender Transitions from Parents

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A Pennsylvania school district doubled down on its choice not to notify parents if a student decides to change their gender and pronouns.

During a recent board meeting, resident Connie Halloway asked directly if the West Chester Area School District hides student gender transitions from parents. According to the Delaware Valley Journal, her question was met with a vague reply.

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Should schools have to tell parents if a student wants to change their gender?

“One of the things I can share is those plans are very specific,” WCASD superintendent Bob Sokolowski responded, referring to what the school calls “gender plans.” “They are very personalized,” he added.

The superintendent continued by recalling an instance where the school district hid a student’s gender transition from the student’s parents.

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“I can share with you that when I was the principal at Henderson High School, there was a student that was transitioning to a different gender and that was something this particular student was very uncomfortable sharing with one of her parents,” Sokolowski said. “We exclude those plans in the fullest protection of the students.”

Halloway was dissatisfied with the school official’s answer, and she compared the school’s tactics to those of the former Soviet Union and Communist China.

“We are not co-parenting with the government,” Halloway said. “You do not have the authority to determine what parents deserve to know about their child’s health.”

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The incident at the board meeting is not the only time the West Chester Area School District has boasted of teaching radical gender ideologies to students.

In late August, Jenni Southmayd, the principal of an elementary school in the district tweeted about a workshop that educated teachers on how to examine their own bias as it pertains to gender.

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“We love @aneesahssmith!” she wrote. “It was an afternoon all about gender as we explored our own bias, learned new resources, and how to create inclusive classroom communities. But what it all comes down to is love, care, and families—and FHE’s got that! @WestChesterASD

The school district doubled down on their position in a statement to Fox News, claiming Title IX protects information about student gender transitions.

“We understand that there is a great deal of confusion regarding gender plans and the district’s responsibilities when supporting both our students and families,” the statement reads. “Our top priority, and our district’s mission, is to educate and inspire our students. In order to achieve this mission, we must create safe and engaging learning environments that benefit all students so that they can develop the skills and knowledge necessary for the future. Parents and families are their child’s strongest advocate, and, in working together, we can help make sure each student has every possible resource to reach their personal goals.”

“Although gender plans are not an element of our curriculum, we do have students that may approach school staff for assistance with the creation of a plan,” the statement continued. “Students who choose to have a gender plan created are protected under Title IX, and while Title IX does not require parent agreement or involvement our goal is always to work collaboratively with students and their families. We encourage all students to involve their parents in the process and will help them to understand the importance of having these conversations with parents. If a student chooses not to involve their family in the creation of the gender plan, we will work directly with the student, but we do inform them that we cannot withhold information from their parents should they ask for it.”

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