Public Schools Are Becoming Government Grooming Centers

Public schools are becoming government grooming centers, a Starnes Media Group journalist said on the Todd Starnes Show.

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The following is a rush transcript from the Todd Starnes Show which airs daily from noon to 3:00 p.m. E.T.

TODD STARNES: [00:58:04] It’s a little emotional because we’re having to say goodbye to our world-class intern, Allen Moro, who is joining us here in the studio. Allen, I mean, Friday is your last day and then the carriage turns back into the pumpkin and you go back to Ohio. [00:58:22][18.3]

ALLEN MORO: [00:58:23] Yes, I do. Friday is my last day and I’m starting to get really sad. It’s going to be bittersweet. [00:58:28][5.1]

Do you think public schools are grooming kids?

GRACE BAKER: [00:58:29] No one to pick up my lunches anymore. [00:58:30][1.2]

STARNES: [00:58:32] You’re not supposed to mention that on the air. So Allen is a student at Liberty University. And of course, we have a longstanding partnership and friendship with Liberty. You’re a journalism major? [00:58:47][15.1]

MORO: [00:58:48] I’m actually a Government politics and policy major. It’s basically like political science, and then I have a journalism minor. [00:58:53][5.3]

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STARNES: [00:58:54] Good for you. Well, yeah, nobody needs a journalism degree. [00:58:56][2.6]

BAKER [00:58:58] Excuse me? [00:58:58][0.8]

STARNES: [00:58:59] No, I’m just saying, I mean, you can teach somebody how to write, but you need a discernible skill, and he’s got the discernible skill. That’s all I’m trying to say. [00:59:07][8.5]

MORO: [00:59:08] Well, thank you, Todd. [00:59:08][0.5]

STARNES: [00:59:09] I’m trying to help out here, Allen. So, anyway, you’re heading back to school in the fall, and you’ve had I mean, this has been a full summer here in Memphis. You’ve been working around the clock and this has been a real job for you. [00:59:21][11.5]

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MORO: [00:59:21] Oh, it’s it’s been exactly like that. Like there’s not been a moment here where it felt like, oh, that’s like Allen, the intern, like, give him these little things. Like, I’ve been able to do some really cool stuff and write some really great stories, and it’s been a blast. And I’ve learned so much and gained so much experience. [00:59:35][14.1]

STARNES: [00:59:36] And that’s a part of the process here, is really training next generation journalists and broadcasters. And the only way you could do that is just to jump in and start writing and start learning. [00:59:48][11.6]

MORO: [00:59:48] Absolutely. And my confidence in what I’m able to do has just boosted so much here, because once you are challenged and you overcome that and you succeed, it shows you that in the future you can continue to do more. [01:00:00][11.4]

STARNES: [01:00:00] And folks, you will notice Allen’s byline over at ToddStarnes.com and you ought to check it out and read his story. You know, Allen, one of the stories you’ve been working on involves the state of Florida, where there has been a big effort underway to purge public school libraries of some very controversial material. What’s going on there? [01:00:20][20.1]

MORO: [01:00:21] You’re absolutely right. This story, 75 books with pornographic and sexually explicit content were found in a Florida school’s library. A school board member for Clay County School District. Her name is Ashley Gilhousen, and she brought all this to light and she’s calling for disciplinary action for those that are responsible for exposing kids to this. [01:00:42][21.5]

STARNES: [01:00:42] It seems like and I know you’ve covered a lot of these stories it’s sort of been your beat over the summer. There have been a lot of issues in Florida where they’ve discovered critical race theory was sort of woven into the curriculum, whether it be math class or English class. And then on the other side, you’ve got these pornographic books that are in the libraries. [01:01:04][21.2]

MORO: [01:01:05] It’s crazy, Todd. It’s like public schools are becoming government grooming centers. Our tax dollars are going into teaching the next generation this stuff. One of the books found in this library, it’s called “Julian is a Mermaid,” and it’s recommended for elementary school students as an introduction to gender fluidity. And it features a boy who puts on lipstick and jewelry and then goes to a New York City mermaid festival so that he can fully express himself. This is for elementary school students in the library. [01:01:32][27.8]

STARNES: [01:01:33] For grade school kids. [01:01:34][0.9]

MORO: [01:01:35] Yeah.

STARNES: [01:01:35] Jeez-a-loo, it’s again, it’s you know, when you’re covering these stories, we do this every day here. What’s been your perspective? You know, just stepping in over the summer and covering all these kinds of stories? [01:01:47][11.5]

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MORO: [01:01:48] You know, I’ve always been interested in news and politics, so I’ve always followed this stuff closely. But now it’s like I’m really immersed in it. And in one way it can be, like, discouraging to see how many horrible things are happening out there. But it also it like lights a fire in you to like stand up against this stuff. Because if we want to survive as a nation and as a culture and society, people need to be speaking out about this and people need to be aware of it. [01:02:10][22.6]

STARNES: [01:02:11] No, you’re absolutely right. Now, you are heading back to Ohio, then back to Liberty, and you’re going to be hanging out with us at our Liberty Studios for the rest of the school year, is that right? [01:02:22][10.9]

MORO: [01:02:22] Yes. Liberty has a great program that’s allowed me to write for you guys as a student worker there. They have a thing called the Center for Conservative Media, and it’s been a blast. And I learned so much there and coming here really stemmed from that and I couldn’t be more thankful for that opportunity. [01:02:36][14.0]

STARNES: [01:02:37] All of this has been great. So you’ve done a terrific job, you’ve set a pretty high bar for a future intern. [01:02:41][4.6]

MORO: [01:02:42] Well, thank you. I really learned so much. Everyone here made it so easy to succeed. Caleb has been so great. [01:02:49][7.2]

STARNES: [01:02:49] Caleb Parke, our managing editor. [01:02:51][1.3]

MORO: [01:02:51] Yeah, he’s wonderful and so encouraging and patient and you’ve been the same way and everyone’s just, believed in me and taught me so much and I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity. And I’ve learned more doing this than you could in any class. [01:03:04][13.2]

STARNES: [01:03:05] I love it. I love to hear that, and we don’t charge tuition. You actually get paid. [01:03:08][3.2]

MORO: [01:03:09] Yeah. This is way better than paying to take a class. I’ll take this any day. [01:03:13][4.1]

STARNES: [01:03:13] But still go to go to liberty. [01:03:14][1.0]

MORO: [01:03:15] Oh, Liberty’s wonderful. [01:03:15][0.6]

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