REP. CHIP ROY: Biden Won’t Protect Border Because He Wants New Liberal World Order

The Biden Administration and the Left want open borders to expedite a new world order, says Texas Congressman Chip Roy. The Republican lawmaker also says Biden does not believe in American exceptionalism or sovereignty. Click here to follow Todd on Truth Social.


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TODD STARNES: [00:39:49] I want to go right to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. We’ve got a lot to discuss with our good friend, the great congressman from Texas, none other than Congressman Chip Roy, congressman, good to have you back on the show. [00:40:02][13.0]

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REP. CHIP ROY (R-TX): [00:40:04] Todd, good to be on. I hope you’re doing well. [00:40:06][1.3]

STARNES: [00:40:06] I am, Congressman. And I am encouraged, somewhat encouraged, to hear so many local Texas leaders and officials that are now calling for the governor to declare an actual invasion has occurred in Texas. You’ve been down there on the border. What are you seeing and are they exaggerating the concern? [00:40:28][21.9]

Should Biden to more to secure the border?

ROY: [00:40:30] Well, they are not. And in fact, I was with a number of the county judges, county attorneys and sheriffs in Texas, day before yesterday at the press conference in which they were calling for the declaration of an invasion. They were declaring it themselves. Only the governor has the authority to sort of execute on that. But they’re calling for it. I agreed with them. I spoke out in favor of that. I had been at Eagle Pass that morning where I had visited with Border Patrol, had been down on the Rio Grande. I personally witnessed approximately 400 migrants who were coming in almost entirely, all from Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Colombia. And when I talked to them, I asked them, you know, did you use coyotes? Cartels? Yes. How much did you spend? It varied from several thousands of dollars to $10,000. There’s no question, and more than that, Todd, the processing facility, I think I might be the first congressman to have seen that brand new processing facility that’s getting ready to open. It is slated to basically just expedite processing. They are processing through Eagle Pass through the Del Rio sector down there. They’re processing something like 1300 to 1500 people a day. And none of those are being turned away. They’re being released into the United States and they’re not even claiming asylum. They’re literally just taking their papers, processing them, releasing them with a notice to appear or through parole. You can’t even make up what’s happening at our border, Todd. [00:41:55][84.8]

STARNES: [00:41:56] You know, one of the areas of grave concern has to be those private ranch owners down there. I mean, they’re miles away from the nearest law enforcement. So if they’ve got these people coming on to their property, they have no idea who these people are or what they’re capable of doing. [00:42:10][13.7]

Police: ‘Hero’ Saved Lives from Illegal Alien Terrorists

ROY: [00:42:12] Well, that’s exactly right. And, you know, after the event that we had in Bracketville, there were a number of people there who represent the ranchers. I had a number of text messages from ranchers throughout South Texas who were dealing with this on a daily basis. You know, they find migrant’s bodies on their ranches, the horrific reality. The sheriffs have to have mobile morgues to deal with the bodies. I think there are upwards of a thousand or so migrants who have died throughout south Texas in the heat over this fiscal year, and that’s the truth. And they’re in danger, their fences get cut, their high tensile fences, their livestock. Some of them have game ranches, you know, deer and stuff. It’s damaging their economy, undermining their safety. Their kids have to go out on the ranches with weapons. You’ve got shootouts where there’s bullets that are flying, even in small towns in south Texas. The cartels are empowered, making tens and hundreds of millions of dollars, moving these human beings for profit. And it is an invasion specifically because Americans are in danger and dying from the fentanyl pouring into our communities. We have known terrorists or people with terrorist ties that are being released into the United States or certainly that are coming into the United States through the gateways, because Border Patrol is so slammed processing migrants in total violation and disregard of federal law. [00:43:29][76.8]

STARNES: [00:43:30] So again, there is some responsibility that Governor Greg Abbott has here. What is he waiting on? Have you had a chance to talk to him at all? [00:43:39][9.2]

ROY: [00:43:42] So I have not spoken to the governor lately. It’s been about a month and change since the last time. But I want to say two things at the same time. First, the governor, Gov. Abbott, has done more than any governor, I think, in history to align with trying to support Border Patrol, taking the dollars the Texas legislature put forward, $3 billion with a B that we’re not supposed to have to do, the federal responsibility, and then deployed our DPS troopers, deployed razor wire, deployed containers where we’re intercepting drugs and narcotics and Border Patrol are grateful. And it is making at least a difference, at least with the fentanyl and trying to stop some of the traffic while Border Patrol is overwhelmed. But I do believe we need to declare an invasion and execute on it because the federal government is abandoning the responsibility, endangering Texans and at the end of the day, it does not matter how much razor wire and containers and blocks you put up, they’re going to put rope, you know, put, you know, rugs or towels over the razor wire to climb over. They’re going to come on in, and once they’re in the United States and Border Patrol have them, they’re releasing them in the United States. And it’s a magnet drawing more and more people from all over the world. The numbers are staggering, staggering. Jay Johnson in 2014 said a thousand a day was a crisis. We were at 8,000 a day. And they’re just rolling into Eagle Pass and groups of 300, 400, 500. Bill Melugin put up another video yesterday on Fox of 500 pouring across the border. The word is out. You come to the border, you don’t even have to claim asylum. You just come in, show your papers, you get relief. [00:45:10][88.1]

STARNES: [00:45:11] Yeah. I mean, and then with the Supreme Court’s decision on the Remain in Mexico policy, I mean, I can’t even imagine what the scenes are going to be like down there at the border, Congressman. [00:45:21][9.4]

ROY: [00:45:23] With the likely end of Title 42 with the Migrant Protection Protocols, the return to Mexico program that President Trump put in place, which those two things were what were driving the numbers down two years ago. With those all lifted, it is a wide open come into the United States. You know, get out of jail free card. You are released into the United States and everybody in the world is learning that and figuring it out. And then they’re doing it. And they’re enriching cartels. They’re undermining our countries, our neighbors to the south, the northern triangle, South America. It’s kind of a brain and labor drain. And they’re coming here. But Border Patrol is overwhelmed, and I can’t overstate the 850,000. Got a wave that’s been known, got-aways that we’ve seen on camera that we did not intercept that are coming into the United States without being processed. And who are those? What kind of actors are we talking about? We’ve been intercepting gang members. We’ve been intercepting people who commit crimes, rapists, murderers, you know, dangerous individuals. And at least 42 to probably now 50 people known to be associated with terrorist sponsor state. It’s is not acceptable. Texas needs to recognize that it’s an invasion. We need to act on it. The founders gave us that power in the Constitution. Jonathan Turley is dead wrong when he says, well, that meant an invasion with an army. No, go read the definition of invasion. And they use that word. And there’s no way the founders would have said, Oh, sure, Texas, you just sit back and take it on the chin while armed cartels drive fentanyl in your communities, killing your kids, killing your family members, and, oh, by the way, allowed terrorists and known gang members to come into your state. There’s no way that’s what the founders meant when they gave that provision to the states. [00:47:02][98.9]

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STARNES: [00:47:03] Congressmen, you know, sitting back and analyzing this and trying to understand, because the Biden administration knows every single thing you just said, they they know that. What do you think the end game here is? Why do you think they want all of these people to flood into our nation? [00:47:15][13.0]

ROY: [00:47:18] It is the new liberal world order. We know this because they said so. They do not believe in sovereignty. They do not believe in borders. They do not believe in the rule of law. That there is any kind of limit. They believe that anybody can flow across the world and go wherever they want to go. And the reality is, when you have a sovereign nation, and particularly to quote Milton Friedman, who said, oh, I’m fine with open borders if you get rid of the welfare state. But when you have a welfare state and you attract people from all over the world, and then you’re going to flood the zone into your health care, your education systems, and you’re going to allow all sorts of people with all sorts of backgrounds that have criminal histories and affiliation with terrorist states to come into the United States. And you’re going to allow dangerous narcotics like fentanyl, right? You’re undermining our national security in the name of this liberal world order where everybody can go wherever they want to go. But that’s the truth. It’s not even necessarily about bringing in, quote, Democratic voters. Maybe that’s what’s driving them. I think they literally just don’t believe in sovereignty. They don’t believe in American exceptionalism. They don’t believe that we should protect America and make sure that America stays strong for the betterment of the entire world. They want their liberal utopia, the same crap driving their green agenda. They just make crap up and it undermines everything our forefathers fought for. [00:48:32][74.6]

STARNES: [00:48:33] Alright, Congressman, appreciate the update. And thank you for paying very close attention to what’s happening down there on that border. It’s just absolutely appalling. And let’s hope and pray that we move forward and invasion is declared and we can put a stop to this. [00:48:48][14.9]

ROY: [00:48:50] Amen. Thank you. Thanks for having me on. God bless you. [00:48:53][2.3]

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