REP. CHIP ROY: You Will Not Draft My Daughter

Woke leftists want to draft America’s daughters into the military, but “I am not going to stand for it,” Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) said on the Todd Starnes Show. Following, is a rush transcript of the interview.


TODD STARNES [01:00:11] I want to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Good to have with us Congressman Chip Roy out of Texas. And Congressman, I know you addressed this on your Twitter feed, but could you imagine a soldier telling General Patton that he could not fight because he was misgendered by the enemy? [01:00:26][15.8]

REP. CHIP ROY (R-TX): [01:00:29] I mean, we may have to have a remake of Patton, the 21st century version. I mean, really talking about turning over in your grave. I mean, what we are doing right now to the United States military is absolutely absurd in terms of using a social engineering experiment. And of course, now, in all their wisdom, they want to draft our daughters in the process all while trying to tell me, oh, don’t worry, we’ll never drive your daughters to put them on the front line. But they can’t even tell me the difference between men and women, and they can’t even, you know, figure out pronouns. Like we know what this is. It’s all about social engineering it’s about advancing a woke radical leftist agenda. It’s about equity, diversity and all the things that are destroying the fabric of our society. But the military in particular. [01:01:15][46.3]

STARNES: [01:01:16] You fired off a letter and you mentioned this just a second ago. You fired off a letter to the House Armed Services Committee, very concerned about drafting women, thousands of women who many already serve admirably, as you point out, in the military. Why do you have a problem with adding women to the draft? [01:01:37][20.8]

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ROY: [01:01:38] Well, first of all, putting aside the wisdom or the need for a draft, I mean, I’m fine with, you know, having a draft and selective service for for men, but, you know, you’re going to have a debate about that using the power of government to conscript. But if you’re going to conscript, what kind of a society conscripts, 18 year old girls, daughters, sisters, in some cases mothers and says, yeah, we’re going to go throw them into the military and throw them into combat. Well, then my colleagues, including those on my side of the aisle who support this, will say, well, yeah, no, but don’t worry, we’ll never send your daughter to the front line. But then they’ll say the same time, Oh, we’ll never need to have a draft unless crap hits the fan and we’re dealing with a, you know, land war against China. Well, which is it? Right. But we know what the situation is right? There are 17 million men of draft registration age. There’s something like 50 or 60 million fighting age men. This isn’t about the need to have women be drafted. This is about making a political point for specific, woke, radical purposes. That’s what it is. It’s to say, hey, this is all about equity. I’m going to be very clear. You are not going to draft my daughter, okay? And if any Republican is responsible for that becoming law, I will make it my mission to oppose that Republican and to burn the entire establishment, including Republicans, to the ground. I’m not going to have it. It is undermining our military. It’s damaging our society. And it targets our daughters. And they don’t need to be drafted. If they want to go sign up and do it on a volunteer basis, more power to them. But I will note one other thing, Todd. The Army has acknowledged and women have acknowledged that they have, in fact, reduced standards in the name of equity. Now, maybe you don’t need standards for drones, but if you’re going to have combat and military readiness, at least acknowledge that they in fact, in the Army combat fitness test, under oath, they’ve testified to this that they have reduced the standard because nearly 50% of active duty enlisted female soldiers could not pass previous versions compared to 92% of men. [01:03:42][123.8]

STARNES: [01:03:44] Congressman, you lay all of this out and it’s not just your opinion. You’re backing up the opinion with facts that women are, and you write this in the letter, women are just not as capable as men in combat roles. And you point out a Marine Corps study, they spent, what, $36 million on the study? What did the study find? [01:04:02][18.2]

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ROY: [01:04:04] Well it found that you had an all male unit outperformed the mixed gender units at a scale of 70%. And that’s not surprising. Right, again, that was all male versus mixed gender combat unit. And of course, they spent $36 million to figure this out. The military should not be a social engineering experiment, right? If people want to go and they want to go volunteer and they can meet the objective standards for performance that our military says are needed to win on the battlefield, then great. God bless them, and I will celebrate every one of our heroes, male or female. God bless them. And, you know, leftists like to say, well, you didn’t serve in the military. You can’t say anything about this. You know what, to hell with you. I’m not a doctor, and I talk about health care. I’m not a cop, and I talk about crime, because I was elected to represent 750,000 Texans, including the thousands that come up to me when I see them on the street and they say, thank you for protecting my daughters from a leftist, woke government trying to draft them. [01:05:09][64.8]

STARNES: [01:05:10] It’s just mind blowing. And Congressman, we’ve been pointing out, this goes back to the Obama administration. They’re the ones that gutted the military, firing all of those generals and replacing those patriotic men with woke individuals who are following some sort of a radical agenda. I mean, you’ve got a bunch of Mark Milleys now running the Pentagon. [01:05:31][21.7]

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ROY: [01:05:33] Well, all I know is, it is on the hands of the current leadership of the Pentagon, what is happening at the Pentagon. And we see what’s happening at the academies, all of these trainings, this woke stuff. You know, you talk about civilian control in the White House. I agree. And they should defer to the commander in chief that way. But I can tell you this. You know, if you give me an order to duck tail and run from Afghanistan, leave $85 billion of equipment on the field and undermine our national security. I’m going to say, Mr. President, you can have my resignation because you’re undermining our national security. They should be ashamed of what they’re doing to the DOD right now. [01:06:08][34.6]

STARNES: [01:06:09] Congressman Chip Roy on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line from the great state of Texas, 21st Congressional District down there. Congressman, you posted this on Twitter, sharing some information from our friend Bill Melugin over at Fox, that Mayorkas is now saying that they have operational control of the border. I mean, how do they get away with spewing those kinds of lies? [01:06:32][23.7]

ROY: [01:06:34] Well, first of all, I want to thank Bill for all that he’s doing down on the border, great reporting. And the fact is, in a House Judiciary Committee hearing about two months ago, Mayorkas looked at me when I asked point blank, do we have operational control of the border? And he looked at me and said yes. He smirked and then said his predecessor would have said the same thing. The fact is, 1. That’s a lie. They don’t have operational control. 2. His predecessor never said the same thing. They said they were working towards operational control. 3. They at least had a credible claim that they were actually diminishing the flow because they were using return to Mexico migrant protection protocols and they were using Title 42. These jack legs refused to actually do their job and enforce the law to follow their oath to faithfully execute the laws to secure the border. It’s purposeful and they’re undermining our national security in the process. And there are dead Americans because of fentanyl. There are dead Americans because criminals are able to be in the United States, because we have wide open borders, and the cartels have operational control of the border. We can stop it tomorrow, but they refuse to. [01:07:38][64.0]

STARNES: [01:07:39] Congressman, we’re going to have to leave it there. Great stuff, as always. And thank you for writing that letter. I know a lot of our constituents are fans of the military. They support the military and they’re just as outraged over this idea of drafting our daughters into war. So thank you for bringing that to our attention. [01:07:55][16.8]

ROY: [01:07:57] Happy to do it, Todd. God bless you. [01:07:57][0.3]

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