BLACKBURN: Schumer Should Retract and Apologize for Threats Against Kavanaugh & Gorsuch

‘She should pass it today’ Pelosi is sitting on important legislation that is necessary to keep our Supreme Court Justices safe, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) said on the Todd Starnes Show

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TODD STARNES: [00:05:57] I want to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Honored to have with us, from the volunteer state, Sen. Marsha Blackburn. And Senator, you really eloquently put this out on your Twitter feed just a little while ago and asked a question we’re all asking, ‘Why is Speaker Pelosi choosing to personally block increased security for the Supreme Court?’ [00:06:14][17.3]

SEN. MARSHA BLACKBURN (R-TN): Yes, you know, we just cannot believe that the House has had this bill, now, I think it is three weeks, and they have not yet taken any action. So it is imperative that they move forward to be certain that the Supreme Court Marshals Service, the U.S. Marshals Service, and the FBI have the resources that they need in order to protect our Supreme Court justices. When you look at what transpired, this is something that has never happened, a leaked draft document, and it has caused this kind of stir. And the left is saying, ‘expect a summer of rage.’ We need to get this bill passed. And Nancy Pelosi should stop sitting on that legislation. She should pass it today. It went out of the Senate on a fully unanimous vote.

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STARNES: Senator, when you hear people like Chuck Schumer, a colleague in the U.S. Senate, the majority leader, calling for this whirlwind to be unleashed, does he need to tone down the rhetoric? If, God forbid, something had happened to Justice Kavanaugh, do you think that he bore any partial responsibility for that?

BLACKBURN: Everyone needs to be careful with their rhetoric. Words have meaning. And they should realize when you go out there and you call Supreme Court justices out by name and you threaten the whirlwind, that they will not know what hit them. This is something that is of concern to the majority leader. And really, in my opinion, I think it would be appropriate for him to apologize for those remarks, retract those remarks, ask for calm, and for people to return to peaceful protest. You know, I have been told when you are standing in front of someone’s house, ringing bells and banging drums and hitting different musical instruments or horns in order to make a noise, you’re not only disrupting the individuals in that one house, you’re disrupting their entire neighborhood. And the fact that children in these neighborhoods can’t go out and play, that people have their driveways blocked, they can’t get in and out down their street. The disruption to that entire community. And that is why when you talk about peaceful protest, you talk about the public square and having your debate in the public square. Now, on top of this, you have to look at the fact that to harass or intimidate or harm a judge, a federal judge, and justice, in order to influence the outcome of a decision, that’s something that is against the law. There is a specific federal statute and people can look this up in U.S. code if they want to look it up. It is 18 USC 1507 and they are committing a federal crime every time they do this.

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STARNES: No, you’re absolutely right. And we have that statute on our website for people to read. I mean, it’s you’re right. It’s out there. And again, Senator, this goes back to, you know, people complaining about, well, you know, gun violence in America. Okay, well, enforce the laws that are on the books. And again, in this case, enforce the laws that are on the books.

Should protesters be allowed to demonstrate at Supreme Court Justice's homes?

BLACKBURN: That’s exactly right. You know, individuals should be booked. I’m surprised that in these neighborhoods, people have not filed disturbing the peace charges, a misdemeanor offense, against these individuals that won’t let them in and out of their neighborhoods or up or down their streets or let their kids out to play.

STARNES: All right, Senator, we know you are on a tight schedule and we appreciate you coming on the program today, as always. Thank you.

BLACKBURN: Thank you so much. Bye-bye now.

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