Sen. Chuck Grassley: I Started Hunter Biden Investigation Before Laptop Was Discovered

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) said on the Todd Starnes Show that he started an investigation into Hunter Biden before there was knowledge of the laptop, and was smeared by Democrats for spreading “Russian misinformation.”

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JEFF STEIN: [01:40:46] Joining us now on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line is the senior senator from the state of Iowa, and it makes him my U.S. senator, Senator Chuck Grassley, Senator Jeff Stein filling in for Todd. Thanks for joining us on the national show. How are you today? [01:41:00][13.6]

Should Hunter Biden be in jail?

CHUCK GRASSLEY: [01:41:01] I’m with you about once a month, but I believe it’s very seldom is live like we are today. [01:41:05][4.8]

JEFF: [01:41:07] Well, and we’ll let the audience know you and I were to record a conversation at this time for our monthly talk on KXEL radio, but instead we decided let’s make that a national conversation live. And that means that just a few hours ago, as the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, you passed some judgment on Judge Jackson. Give us your take on whether or not she should be elevated to the Supreme Court. [01:41:30][23.8]

CHUCK: [01:41:32] I think she’s a person that wants to fill in holes that Congress may leave in laws rather than Congress writing the laws. I think she thinks that she could be a super legislator to fill in the vacuum. I think she’s soft on crime. I believe she should have some opinion about packing the Supreme Court, particularly when Ginsburg said nine was the right number. And Breyer, the one she clerked for, has just said that the court should not be packed because it would politicize the court and it would lose its public respectability. I think that when it comes to child pornography, this falls in the area of soft on crime, but it gets a little more specific about that when she would say that she’s going to at the lowest level of the recommendations for sentencing. That’s what she’s going to do and has a pretty consistent record of doing. And then in regard to filling in holes that she thinks were left out of law, I’ll give you an example of the first step act as the first Criminal Justice Reform Act passed in a generation and it was signed by the president. I was the author of it in December 2018. There was a case for. She. She decided, Well, first of all, the first step act doesn’t have reactivity or, in other words, going back. That’s not exactly the right word. But going back to to make a judgment about somebody that was sentenced before the act was passed. Now she did that, so she was interpreting the law contrary to what I meant for it to be. And I don’t disagree that what she did should have been done, but the law didn’t allow it to be done. And yet she did it, and then she was overturned by the Circuit Court of Appeals. So those are just a few examples. [01:43:55][142.4]

JEFF: [01:43:56] So again, from Chuck Grassley’s philosophy, lawmakers make laws. Judges don’t make laws. [01:44:01][5.8]

CHUCK: [01:44:03] That’s exactly right. They want to be a super legislator. And why shouldn’t they be? Because they got a lifetime appointment. You can’t vote them out of office. If Chuck Grassley makes a law you don’t like, you can vote against him. And if you get enough people to vote against him, he can be kicked out of office. [01:44:20][17.4]

JEFF: [01:44:22] U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, joining us live on the Todd Starnes Show, Jeff Stein filling in for Todd. As I recall, Senator, you and I first talked about Hunter Biden’s laptop in a hard drive that was delivered to your office. I think we talked about this last July, and with Senator Johnson, the two of you have been releasing various bits of information, including quite a blockbuster list of things last week. Does this reach to the White House and as opposed to just stopping at the president’s son in the president’s brother? [01:44:55][33.7]

CHUCK: [01:44:57] Well, I wish I could answer that question. Everything that we’ve said in the last month has been based upon following the facts to where they lead you, following the money to where they lead you. And this much does involve the question that when you tie five million dollars from Chinese businessmen that are tied to the Communist Party, that in turn have some relationship with the military. And in the $5 million and then we have problems with China, it raises the question of whether or not it’s possible for China to blackmail the United States government because Biden is president of the United States. Now that’s a concerning issue. It’s nothing I can prove, but I can prove that Hunter Biden got five million dollars from the Mainland China that I mentioned. And it’s another thing of China always trying to find access to the United States. And if you got the if you got the Biden name and you’re doing things the United States connected with Biden that gives great entry to Chinese political purposes and maybe even espionage purposes into the United States. So I wish I could answer your question. But I-there’s one other thing that’s probably as important as finding the five million dollars that he got, and we have bank records to prove that. So one thing is that the police are the journalists and you’re a journalist, so I’m not finding fault with you on this. But journalists, generally, particularly these big papers like New New York Times, Washington Post, L.A. Times, et cetera, et cetera. They are the policemen of our political system. They ought to be finding these things. And it’s and they haven’t been doing it. In fact, they’ve helped cover up some of the things that we were trying to tell you about from August 2019 when I opened this investigation. We issued our first report in September. They were trying to say it had something to do with the impeachment of the president of the United States. We started investigating this stuff before there was ever any talk of the impeachment of the President, President, United States. We also had a briefing by the FBI that we didn’t learn a doggone thing. But that briefing was used as an excuse to leak things to the to the press so that Democrats in the Senate could accuse Johnson and me of of spreading Russian disinformation when this information came from Russians and the Democrats and the media hand in glove with them was was protecting them and spreading this Russian disinformation. [01:48:08][190.6]

JEFF: [01:48:10] Is there any sense on your part, Senator, once now you hear that these major organizations are admitting that these emails that were found on that hard drive of that laptop that it’s all genuine? Nobody’s questioning the merits of what you pointed out on the floor of the Senate last week. Is there any sense of vindication or perhaps the thought that maybe at some point we’ll get to the bottom of this? [01:48:34][24.5]

CHUCK: [01:48:35] Well, getting to the bottom of it is one thing, and it’s my job to get to the bottom of it. And I think we’ve made public a lot of information that wouldn’t otherwise be paid public. But when are they going to apologize to Johnson and Grassley? Grassley’s got one of the best reputations in the United States Senate of doing oversight, work, doing investigations, uncovering stuff like this. And then you have the press hand in glove with the Democrats trying to say we’re spreading Russian disinformation. And then in turn, by the way, I want to correct something. I started this investigation before there was any knowledge of Hunter Biden’s laptop. But what we have found through these documents, it does make clear it is. It does back up things that are on the laptop. But in other words, if you’re hearing somebody say that Grassley didn’t investigate the laptop enough, we didn’t even know about the laptop and the laptop is not central to our investigation. But it kind of confirms some of the things that we found in our investigation with these bank records. Or maybe in turn, our bank records prove that what’s in the laptop is legitimate. [01:49:54][78.8]

JEFF: [01:49:55] And I know you need to go shortly, but what’s next in terms of releasing information on this? This is not the end of what you released last week. [01:50:03][7.2]

CHUCK: [01:50:03] Well, we’re going to have maybe a speech this week, Johnson and I on the Senate floor that would talk about James Bite because we’ve only talked and that’s an uncle or a brother to the president. And he seems to be working with Hunter Biden. [01:50:19][15.8]

JEFF: [01:50:21] You’re not going to wait long for the apology, right? From those folks who’ve been calling you all sorts of names. [01:50:25][4.7]

CHUCK: [01:50:27] Well, no, we’re going to go ahead. It would just be nice if they would admit they were wrong and that we were way ahead of them and they were help covering up what we were trying to do. [01:50:35][7.9]

JEFF: [01:50:36] Well, once again, don’t hold your breath on that. Senator, thanks so much for the time I appreciated greatly. We’ll talk again very soon, sir. [01:50:42][6.1]

CHUCK: [01:50:43] I’ll be with you anytime you want me. Goodbye. [01:50:45][2.1]

JEFF: [01:50:46] U.S. Senator Charles Grassley from the state of Iowa [01:50:49][3.4]

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