“Slavery Would’ve Ended a Whole Lot Sooner If You All Were Able to Own Guns” – Diamond & Silk on Todd Starnes Show

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Diamond and Silk dropped by the Todd Starnes Radio Show to weigh in on the looming gun grab in Virginia.

“The person who wants you to give up your guns – he was in a yearbook in either blackface or a KKK hood,” Diamond told Starnes, referring to Gov. Ralph Northam. “That sounds like somebody who wants to start slavery all over again.”

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The conservative duo also took issue with how the Mainstream Media described Monday’s pro-gun rally as a “white nationalist” meeting. In truth there were many blacks and other minorities in the massive crowd.

“To my black brothers and sisters, slavery would’ve ended a whole lot sooner if you all were able to own guns,” Diamond said. “Don’t allow or let anyone infringe upon your second amendment rights.”

Listen to the entire interview as they weighed in on Joe Biden’s racist comments at a black church and Mayor Pete chatting up chicken with minorities in Iowa. The interview begins at 19:30.