STARNES: We Have Raised a Generation of Stupid People

Nationally-syndicated radio host Todd Starnes commented on the left’s absurd belief that men can give birth to babies. Starnes, who said he knows nothin’ about birthin’ babies, declared that we have raised a generation of stupid people. Listen to his remarks on the Todd Starnes Show.

Listen to Todd’s thoughts below:

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TODD STARNES: So, look, new legislation – a buddy of mine over on the House Judiciary sent this to me. Ayanna Pressley, she’s the member of the squad that nobody can remember, the one from New York. It’s kind of like the Spice Girls. Remember the Spice Girls? There’s that one Spice Girl nobody can remember. Yeah, that’s Ayanna Pressley. It’s very sad. Anyway, Ayanna Pressley has introduced this legislation that would legalize abortion.

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Remember what we told you? The abortion issue is just now exploding. I mean, the whole point of Roe v Wade was not to outlaw abortion. It did not do that. The point was to send the issue back to the states, which is where it belongs. So this fight is far from over.

Are women the only people who can get pregnant?

So anyway, Democrats want to codify this and they want to make it a federal law that not only can you kill your baby, but tax dollars will be used to kill your baby. I was reading through the legislation. Tucked away on page six is a section that defines the terms woman and women. Now, this has been a subject of debate across the country. We have raised a generation of stupid people. There’s really no polite way to say it, but unfortunately we’ve got a generation of idiots in America and it’s not their fault. This is what they were taught. This is how they were raised. And by and large, this generation has the capacity to kill our nation.


So anyway, I want to read to you from this legislation what the term woman and women mean. And those terms don’t mean what you think they mean. Now, there is a biological definition of a woman, and that ought to be the definition of woman. That’s been the definition of the woman since God created Adam and Eve. But no more, this is what the lawmakers up on Capitol Hill, all Democrats wrote.

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“The term woman and women are used in this bill to reflect the identity of the majority of people targeted and affected by restrictions on abortion services and to address squarely the targeted restrictions on abortion, which are rooted in misogyny.”

By the way, we had a caller on the radio program the other day and he made a great point. It takes two to tango. I mean, a baby is a 50/50 relationship, right? It takes a mommy and daddy. It doesn’t take two chest feeders like Mayor Buttigieg and his husband, Chasten. So let me continue here.

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“However, access to abortion services is critical to the health of every person capable of becoming pregnant.”

Really? Really? What about the unborn little girls?

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