Trump: Arizona Republican DESTROYS Bret Baier

The fake news media doesn’t know what to do with the new Trump-era Republican leaders who will not back down when slandered and misrepresented, Kari Lake said on the Todd Starnes Show.


Is Bret Baier woke?

“Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake was absolutely fantastic in her interview with a very unfair Bret Baier on Fox News. She absolutely destroyed him on the subject of the 2020 Presidential Election Fraud and ‘Irregularities,'” former President Trump wrote on Truth Social. Click to read his full reaction.


Below is the rush transcript from the Todd Starnes Show, which airs nationwide daily from noon to 3 p.m. EST:

TODD STARNES: We’ve got a special guest here. Kari Lake is running for governor of Arizona and she was on Fox News Channel last night with Bret Baier. Now, Bret presents himself as a fair and balanced guy that doesn’t have an opinion one way or the other. But it’s very clear if you watch the guy long enough, he hates Donald Trump. He’s probably a closet Democrat. He skews to the left. But now, and look, that was okay. But then his bias started infesting his work. So Kari Lake is on and she’s running for governor. She’s got Trump’s endorsement, and here’s how this went down. I will, before we play this, I just want to say how Kari Lake conducted herself in this hostile interview with Fox News Channel, it is a master’s class on how politicians have to smack down the media, but do it in a very nice and polite way. Let’s take a listen.

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BRETT BAIER IN AUDIO CLIP: The Washington Post has a story today, says Arizona GOP candidate who criticized drag queens was once a fan, according to a drag queen. This is the quote, “Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Carrie Lake, who has attacked drag queens as dangerous to children, attended the shows of drag queen Richard Stephens for more than 20 years and once hired him to perform at her home.” Do you care to address?

KARI LAKE IN AUDIO CLIP: I do care. I actually do care to address that. And I’m really shocked. I’m actually appalled that Fox News would take a defamatory story like that and we are pursuing legal action against this drag queen. I’m appalled that you would bring that up when you have not talked about our stolen election. You’ve failed to talk about that.

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BRETT BAIER IN AUDIO CLIP: We just spent three questions, Miss Lake talking about this. I’ve asked you a number of questions about it. I played the Arizona House Speaker. Let’s address this story that’s in The Washington Post. Every candidate takes tough stories. I’m asking you to respond to it if you’d like to.

KARI LAKE IN AUDIO CLIP: I’m happy to address it, but I’m really disappointed in Fox. I thought you were a little better than CNN. This is a person who I covered for decades, 20 years, and he’s never been in my home. He says he’s been in my home for a drag show. That’s ludicrous. He’s never been in my home. He’s lied. We tried to serve him defamation papers and he’s so shady that we can’t even track him down because he’s not even welcome at the places where he works.

BRETT BAIER IN AUDIO CLIP: I’m sorry, but this is the last question I would ask. What about these pictures of you with him? Richard Stephens, and what about the the post I perform for Carrie’s birthday. I performed in her home, performed for her at some of the seediest bars in Phoenix. I don’t want to ask these questions. I asked you to address them.

KARI LAKE IN AUDIO CLIP: I actually think you do want to ask them, but you don’t want to ask about 2,000 Mules. I think you do want to ask about this. This is absolutely ludicrous. And I’m talking about drag shows in schools. This is what triggered this man. Somebody who goes to a drag show with female impersonators is one thing. We don’t want our tax money going into drag shows at school.

BRETT BAIER IN AUDIO CLIP: Okay. I understand you’re making a difference there, but you’re saying his allegations are wrong. Is that what you’re saying?

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KARI LAKE IN AUDIO CLIP: Yes, I am. And I’m really appalled that you would spend time on a false story like that. It’s shocking.

BRETT BAIER IN AUDIO CLIP: Well, I think that it’s important to have candidates address things that are coming up that might affect the race. And I thought you would appreciate that.

KARI LAKE IN AUDIO CLIP: You didn’t ask my opponent, the establishment opponent who was here last week. You didn’t ask her about her votes to allow illegal alien students to get a lower tuition than American students. You didn’t ask her about the 70 plus times that she raised tuition on American students. You didn’t ask her any tough questions. And here you have me on and you try to bring a defamatory story out. It’s really sad, I thought there was hope.

BRETT BAIER IN AUDIO CLIP: I really appreciate your time. We thought we’d address all issues that are on the table. That is one of them being covered today. We thank you and we’ll cover the primary.

KARI LAKE IN AUDIO CLIP: Thank you, please send reporters out to cover this corrupt election. We would appreciate it.

STARNES: Oh, you go, girl! Way to go, Kari Lake! Folks, I’m telling you, Fox has discombobulated here. There’s really no polite way of saying this, but they have flushed their respect. They flushed their credentials right down the toilet. So I just want to make sure we all understand here Bret Baier is going after his woman because apparently she did or did not go to a drag show at a drag bar as if that’s some sort of a scandal. Look, let me explain this for Brett Baier just so he can understand this. Brett, there’s nothing wrong with a grown adult going to a drag bar or going to one of these shows. That’s perfectly, you know what, that is covered under the United States Constitution. Would I go? Absolutely not. But you know what? If Kari Lake wants to go, why is that a news story? There’s a big difference between a grown adult going to an adult bar to watch a drag show. There’s a big difference between that and drag queens going into a public school, Bret Baier, and cavorting with children and grooming the children to be drag queens. And if you can’t understand the difference there, sir, you don’t deserve to be on market 381 television, much less Fox News Channel.

STARNES: I Want to go directly to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Great to have with us from Arizona, Kari Lake. Kari, we’d first welcome to the program. We just played this back and forth between you and Bret Baier. What a nasty thing Fox News tried to do to you yesterday and well-done on your response.

KARI LAKE: Well, I was excited to be on. I mean, to be honest, I have not been invited on Fox. I am the far away frontrunner in the governor’s race here in Arizona. I’m endorsed by President Trump, and they’ve never invited me on. They had my RINO opponent on even when she was polling at 2%, but they’ve never had me on, so I was actually looking forward to it. I was looking forward to talking about the issues that are affecting Arizona. And frankly, because one of our issues is the border, it affects the whole country. But as you can see, he had planned a rollout to kind of go after me, and that’s fine. I’m a big girl. I can handle it. They had all the video ready to go, and they had all the graphics made.

STARNES: Oh the photos, the expose. I mean, this was a set up, Kari.

LAKE: Oh, totally. And you know what? The fake corporate media is so used to push over Republicans that they just don’t know what to do when one of us new Trump-era Republicans doesn’t lie down and take their beatings and we’re not going to take their beatings anymore, I call us the new right and we’re the legacy leaders that came out of President Trump’s leadership. And we’re not going to sit there and have the fake news attack us and try to twist our words. And so I think they all know by now, because each and every one of these fake news propagandists who stood up to me and tried to bring me down has failed.

STARNES: So the Associated Press, and again, I want to bring this drag queen story, first of all, even if this was true, why is this a scandal? We’re taught there’s a big difference between adults going to a drag show and drag queens going into a public school and trying to groom children. And I find it very sad that Fox News Channel can’t understand the difference between those two issues.

LAKE: Amen. I mean, you just said it right there. And the funny thing was, Bret Baier was trying to get me on the photos. The funny part about those photos is they came from my social media. I’ve never taken anything down. Who I am is who I am. I worked 30 years in media. I have friends from all walks of life. And I’ve never I mean, I left those photos up. I think they’re still up there today if you look for them on my social media. So I’ve never been ashamed of who I am. I am who I am. And he put those out there like it was a big gotcha. It’s not a gotcha. I’m concerned as a mom with taxpayer money going to drag shows in our libraries and schools, it’s inappropriate, it’s wrong. And unfortunately, this performer who’s going after me, who used to be a friend, has been radicalized. He is now working for Katie Hobbs, my socialist opponent. And he even told The Washington Post he’s bringing this out to injure our campaign. So he’s been radicalized. He’s called for the death of a sitting GOP congresswoman. He has actively campaigned for Katie Hobbs. And yet, Fox trots him out like he’s, you know, a god. It’s kind of scary where journalism has gone, how low it has sunk.

STARNES: What I found fascinating, Kari, because he kept trying to insert himself into the conversation. But you said something that shut him up when you pointed out, how come we’re not talking about 2,000 Mules and he clammed up.

LAKE: I really did enjoy, somebody put together his facial contortions during the interview. Of course, I wasn’t watching his face during the interview. I was just, you know, talking to him. But somebody, they put them all together and it was quite funny. They’re very nervous about candidates like me. I’m an America first candidate. I am a citizen politician. I have no desire to have a political career other than to win this race, get in there, turn things around and get Arizona on the right path. And then I want to retire and enjoy this beautiful state and my family. And they’re not used to that. They’re used to these political beasts, who are part of the machine. They are career politicians and they’re just dying to have a big, long political career. That’s not what our founding fathers envisioned, Todd. They envisioned people who went in, represented the people, did the people’s work and then left. And that’s what we need to return to, frankly.

STARNES: No, I completely agree with you on that. And Kari, we’ve got about 90 seconds here. The Associated Press out with the story. And they say this whole drag queen thing is, “It fuels persistent criticism of Lake’s conversion from Barack Obama donor to Donald Trump, conservative.”

LAKE: You know what? I’ve been a registered Republican almost all of my adult life. I registered for four years as a Republican and I did vote for a Democrat. And you know why? I had two little babies on my hip and on both sides and, you know, holding two little kids in your arm and watching endless wars. I realized that John McCain wasn’t going to be the one that would get us out of that. A lot of people are waking up to the lies of the Democrat Party. I’m the only person running for governor right now who voted for Donald J. Trump every time he was on the ballot. My opponents have not. They are old school swamp creatures, and I think it’s ridiculous. They’re trying to tell people who’ve woken up to the life of the Democrat Party they can’t come in and be Republicans. I welcome each and every person who wakes up to the Democrat lies. I want you in the party. I want your vote.

STARNES: Including the drag queens. You know, you got to get the votes.

LAKE: And maybe we can wake him up and have him come over to the party of common sense.

STARNES: Alright, Kari, got to run. Good luck out there. Kari Lake, everybody. This is the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

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