If Trump’s Candidates Support Abortion, Taking Away Guns — Vote Anyway: Caller

“Todd Starnes Show” caller, Tom from Georgia, said to get on the Trump train and support his candidates or get off.

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National radio host Todd Starnes took Tom to task on GOP candidates like Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania.


Should you vote for a Trump candidate no matter what?

Below is a rushed transcript from the Todd Starnes Show:

STARNES: [00:20:48] Let’s go to the phones here. Tom disagrees with me. He’s a little fired up. Gainesville, Georgia. Tom, what’s on your mind?

TOM: Well, you sound like Mitch McConnell, Todd. Calling our candidates bad candidates, I think we got great candidates. And if you’re not on the Trump train, get off of it. 

STARNES: Tom, let me ask you a question. Are you pro-abortion? Do you support killing unborn babies, Tom?

TOM: No, I do not. 

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STARNES: Then why are you supporting Dr. Oz, Tom? 

TOM: Well, because Trump backed him. 

STARNES: That’s fine. So, Tom. So, you endorse a candidate who supports killing unborn babies? 

TOM: I support Donald Trump. If you’re not a MAGA man, then get out, and quit sounding like Mitch McConnell. 

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STARNES: Tom, do you support this Second Amendment? 

TOM: You’re no better than he is.

STARNES: Tom, do you support.. You know, you can holler as much as you want to, Tom. I’m going to still ask my question. My microphone’s a lot bigger than your phone. So here’s the question. Do you support the Second Amendment, Tom?

TOM: Absolutely. 

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STARNES: Well, guess what? Dr. Oz doesn’t. He believes there should be limitations on the Second Amendment. Your right to bear arms. But Tom, but that’s okay because you’re saying it’s okay to give up your guns because Trump supports Dr. Oz. Is that what you’re saying, Tom?

TOM: Yes, he has not voted on anything until he has a voting record, Todd, you oughta keep your mouth shut and back him. If not, shut up just like you’re telling Mitch McConnell to! 

STARNES: Tom, let me ask you another question. Do you support transgenderism? Do you think little boys can become little girls? 

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TOM: No I do not. 

STARNES: Guess who does, Tom? Dr. Oz, your candidate. So, Tom, guess what? Your mouth is saying one thing, but you’re voting another way, Tom.

TOM: Donald Trump’s candidate that he backed and Dr. Oz has not made an official vote on anything. Until he has a voting record, he oughta be given the benefit of the doubt, just like people are giving you the benefit of the doubt that you’re a Republican. 

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STARNES: Tom I’m not a Republican. I’m a conservative, Tom. And you know what else I am, Tom? I’m somebody who’s pro-life, and I’ve been pretty open about this on my program, Tom. I don’t, unlike you, I don’t support baby killers, Tom. I just…I can’t do it. I can’t find it within me. 

TOM: You’re a lying two-face like Mitch McConnell!

STARNES: How am I two-faced Tom? I don’t believe that you should support a candidate who says.. 

TOM: You’re two-faced!

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STARNES: Go ahead, Tom. 

TOM: You’re two-faced, Todd. 

STARNES: How am I two-face? Oh, did Tom hang up on us? Tom hung up on us. You see? And this is what I was trying to illustrate here. You’ve got folks on the other side who are just as nutso as the people on Mitch McConnell’s side. And if you don’t support Donald Trump, if you don’t bow down and worship him, even if that means sacrificing your deeply held values, then you’re a liberal. That’s what they believe. That’s what they believe, ladies and gentlemen.

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