Trump Crushes DeSantis in Fox News Poll

Former President Trump crushed all of his potential 2024 Republican primary competitors in the latest poll from Fox News.

Republican primary voters were given a list of 15 announced and potential candidates for the 2024 nomination. Trump tops the list with 43%, followed by Ron DeSantis at 28%, Nikki Haley and Mike Pence at 7% each, and Greg Abbott and Liz Cheney at 2% each.

Are you voting for Trump or DeSantis?

So far only Trump and Haley have announced their intentions to run.

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And with only three percent of Republican voters saying they are undecided it looks like 2024 is going to be a Trump cake walk.

“Among Republican primary voters, men, women, those under and over age 45, and those without a college degree all put Trump first and DeSantis second,” Fox News reported. “The Florida governor is ahead among those with a college degree and those who think Biden was legitimately elected, and the two are within a point or so among suburban voters and those with higher incomes.”

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DeSantis becomes the overwhelming choice for Republican voters if Trump is not in the race.

“Currently, the GOP primary dynamics are simple,” says Daron Shaw, a Republican, who conducts the Fox News survey with Democrat Chris Anderson. “DeSantis needs Trump to falter because most of the former president’s supporters see the Florida governor as the second-best choice. At the same time, other candidates need DeSantis to falter because his supporters have no single fallback option and would be up-for-grabs should he flame out.”

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