TRUMP VICTORY? Pollster Who Got 2016 Right Says Trump is Making Surge

Matt Towery, a national political analyst and pollster, told the “Todd Starnes Show” on Monday that President Trump is making a late-game surge in battleground states and the election that was once presented by the mainstream media as a cakewalk for Joe Biden is now a dogfight.

Todd Starnes, the host of the radio show, pointed to a Rasmussen poll that was released Monday that showed Biden with a comfortable lead over Trump nationally and leading 51% to 44%.


Towery countered with an Investor’s Business Daily poll that portrayed a different story. The poll showed Biden leading Trump by 3.2%, down from 5.1% on Sunday. He said no pollster really thinks Trump will carry the national vote, but all eyes will be on the battleground states, and most polls are showing a significant tightening of those races less than 24 hours before the election.

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Towery called the earlier polls that showed Trump down 17% in Wisconsin and 8-9% in places like Pennsylvania and Michigan. He said, “That’s pure fantasy.”

“This is going to be a 1 or 2% race in most of these battleground states,” he said. “And I see trump surging” in the past two weeks, he said. He said that he spotted the change after Biden said at the last debate that the U.S. will likely have “dark winter.”


“As soon as that happened, we started seeing younger voters start to move in the direction towards Donald Trump because of their position on COVID…They don’t want another lockdown,” he said.  

Starnes asked Towery about his thoughts on Georgia. He said the Peach State used to be a dark red state and now, at least according to recent polls, seems to be up in the air. Towery said he lives in Florida, but was raised in Georgia and has never picked the state incorrectly. He said he has Trump up by 2% if not more.


He said for Biden to have a chance there, the African-American vote has to come out strongly for him, and he said—despite Stacey Abrams’ best efforts—that vote has not yet materialized for Biden. So far, African Americans made up about 27.7% of the mail-in vote, which he said is “way off” from the 32% Democrats have been banking on.

“It doesn’t look like they’re going to do it,” he said. “Because Election Day voting by African Americans is usually lower than mail-ins. They need to have quite a surge to make this competitive. I think Trump’s pretty safe in Georgia.”

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