VIDEO: Can You Kill Puppies and Be Governor? How About Babies?

A Republican gubernatorial candidate in Minnesota held a baby in a campaign ad while saying he wouldn’t fight abortion as governor.

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Should Republicans support abortion?

Dr. Scott Jensen, a former Minnesota state senator who is running against Gov. Tim Walz (D) in November, released an ad this month telling voters abortion is “divisive” but a “protected constitutional right” in their state “and no governor can change that, and I’m not running to do that.”

Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins released a parody video holding a puppy and calling out Jensen for his “tone deaf” ad flip-flopping on the issue of preborn life.

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“This is a direct message from the #ProLifeGen to Republican politicians,” Hawkins tweeted with the video. “There is no ‘issue’ more important than protecting the preborn from abortion violence.”


“Sadly, some Republican candidates across the country are ignoring the polling and common sense that shows voters care about protecting the preborn and are instead taking their marching orders from timid campaign consultants who tell them to run away from protecting life in law,” Hawkins said in a statement.

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“Stand up for your pro-life beliefs, which represent the majority of Americans, and show voters you are a person of conviction. Or lose. We pray you get the message,” Hawkins added.