WH Staff is Hiding Biden From Press Because They Are Scared: Newsmax Host

The White House staff is hiding President Biden from the press, because they’re scared he can’t handle answering tough questions, Newsmax host Lyndsay Keith said on the Todd Starnes Show.


TODD STARNES: [01:17:19] I want to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line and always an honor to have our friend Lyndsay Keith from Newsmax TV with us, co-host of Spicer & Company. Lyndsay, hope you’re doing well. [01:17:30][10.9]

LYNDSAY KEITH: [01:17:31] Hey, Todd, it’s good to be with you. Our producers must be putting their heads together because we’re actually having Congressman Comer on our show tonight as well. So I’ll have to listen in to his interview. [01:17:42][11.0]

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STARNES: [01:17:43] I love it. I love it. A lot going on, Lyndsay, as we watch the Biden administration really collapse. There’s a report out that they’re losing staff members at a pace that exceeds both President Trump and President Obama. It’s just unbelievable. [01:18:03][20.0]

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KEITH: [01:18:05] You know, it is crazy. You look back at the media when they were covering Trump or Obama, specifically Trump, and they would lose their mind when all these people would leave because there was quite a turnover. You can’t deny that. But there has been such an insane turnover. And everyone, I think, that voted for Biden thought that this White House was going to be more stable, more calm. We’re seeing quite the opposite. It is very tumultuous. There are I would say, you know, it’s every other week that we have a report out of the White House that there’s conflicting messages or conflicts with staff, people quitting. And so this White House doesn’t have it together like they projected that they would. You know, it’s kind of funny to watch, but it’s also sad because it just shows that they don’t have their act together. And at the end of the day, not good for the American people. [01:18:51][46.4]

STARNES: [01:18:51] No, not at all. And of course, early on, I mean, there wasn’t even a grace period. You had the the Biden staff going after Kamala Harris’s staff. Of course, the two recent big departures you had, Jen Psaki, and now the word coming out last night that Kate Bedingfield is leaving her job as the comms director, which makes you wonder what happens now, because my understanding is she played a very important role in getting whatever messaging out there that they had. [01:19:21][29.8]

KEITH: [01:19:22] That’s right. You know, she was I mean, she was on the campaign trail with Biden. I will say, you know, she’s had a hard job. You look at the message that she’s been having to sell for this administration. I was just listening to a clip from CNN today where they were saying people are getting tired of Biden’s message of blaming the economy, blaming gas prices on Putin. He needs to get a new message. And so you think about this comms staff, what they’ve had to go through. They haven’t been able to sell a good message. As you look at how Karine Jean-Pierre is doing. She’s not able to respond from the podium because they don’t have a good message and they just keep trying to point fingers at each other. We’ve seen that is their playbook, point blame. This is the president who said the buck would stop with me, but he’s not. So you look at this departure of Kate Bedingfield and, you know, she’s probably tired. You know, she’s a mom. She’s probably like, I’ve been doing this for, you know, almost two years since the campaign. I got to get out of here. But you think about that, too, when you haven’t had successes, I think that wears you down more to see that you’re just every day you’re grinding and you’re not able to see any fruit of your labor. It would be very frustrating, I think, and I think we’ll continue to see even more exodus between now and the midterms, because a lot of times, you know, in the White House, there’s, okay, you have a small window to get out before midterm because we need to be focused. So I actually think you might see more people starting to leave as well, maybe even in the next week. [01:20:43][80.6]

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STARNES: [01:20:44] What I find interesting is the attacks now coming from the so-called mainstream media. CNN, MSDNC. These folks have pretty much been, you know, been providing cover for the Democrats, but even they have now turned. And that tells me that they’ve got major, major problems there within the White House. [01:21:05][21.6]

KEITH: [01:21:07] Oh, major problems. And I also think, too, like you saw just, you know, yesterday, it was like almost every headline out there was how frustrated not only staff are with this administration, but Democrats. Biden’s own party, he’s not returning their phone calls. If that’s happening, then you can only figure how mad his staff is like, hey, buddy, you got to do this. We need your help. And why ever he’s not doing it, I don’t know. But there’s a lot of lack of enthusiasm from Biden that is really making this party frustrated. So his own staff, Democrats and then we saw even yesterday when he was on Ohio, you know, people don’t want to be seen with this guy. People don’t want to be seen with Biden because it’s not good for reelection campaigns. It’s not good for their image and they don’t like his message. They don’t like that he’s not fired up. And it’s going to be really interesting to see how this plays out because either Biden changes something, Todd, which I mean, can you teach an old dog new tricks? I don’t know. Or he is just going to continue to get worse, which is kind of hard to imagine how in Ohio he has a 26 approval rating. I don’t know how you get much worse than that. [01:22:14][67.1]

STARNES: [01:22:15] No. And I mean, it’s the worst approval rating in decades. Now you’ve got the strategic oil reserves that are at an all time low going back to the 1980s. I think 1986, even NBC News was reporting that the strategic oil reserves were down by about 40% based on where they should be. So, I mean, you’re right. I mean, the problem is it’s not just one dumpster fire we’re dealing with. It’s multiple dumpster fires here. [01:22:43][28.8]

KEITH: [01:22:44] Yeah. And then there were reports out just last night showing that some of the oil from our strategic oil reserve, we knew that Biden was sending some of it over to Europe, our European allies, obviously, you know, when the Nord Stream two was shut down from Russia, we were trying to help our allies. But now there’s reports coming out that some of our oil is being sent to Asia, to China, potentially. I mean, this is terrible. One of the reasons that Saudi Arabia couldn’t, the OPEC couldn’t produce more oil is because they’d already promised it to China. And now there’s reports that our oil is going to China. I mean, this is unbelievable. You can’t make this stuff up. But again, it’s this administration’s failures are really hurting the American people. And I think people are really, you know, obviously people say this all time elections have consequences. But there was so much hope riding on Democrats who voted for Biden and even some Republicans that there would be normalcy and we’re seeing we’re headed completely in the wrong direction. The crazy part is we still have two plus years of this guy. We are not like, well, at the end of it, he has done a ton of damage in just the first year plus. [01:23:48][63.7]

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STARNES: [01:23:49] Linsey Keith from Newsmax TV on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Lindsay, you guys have one of the best in the business there as your White House correspondent James Rosen, what insight is he giving you guys about the mood inside the White House and whether or not Biden is capable of turning this around, which I don’t think he is. [01:24:08][18.9]

KEITH: [01:24:09] Yeah, interesting. I was just talking to him last night, actually, James is great. He was saying, you know, that he feels like he is, you know, they don’t want to ever come to him when he’s in the briefing room. They won’t talk to him. They’re afraid of the questions that he is going to ask. He actually asked President Biden a few months ago about his mental fitness, and it felt like he got blacklisted after that. But, you know, he suggested the mood is not good, that there’s a lot of, you know, concern. And they’re essentially hiding the president because they don’t trust him. I mean, you see these clips of him stumbling when he’s speaking or kind of seeming lost. And those aren’t just, you know, specific moments. I feel like that is his state of play right now. And that’s why you look at the president’s schedule. It doesn’t have a lot on it, actually. He has a daily briefing every day. And then he might do one other thing, two max. This is the president of the free world whose schedule is seemingly open. And I think, you know, he talks about James talks about how you do not see the guy that much. And then when they do put him out, obviously he’s not taking questions and they’re not taking questions from Newsmax. They don’t want to get any, you know, serious questions because they don’t have answers even for their softball questions that they do get. [01:25:17][67.9]

STARNES: [01:25:18] All right, Lyndsay, got to leave it there. We know you’ve got a busy day ahead of you. I appreciate the insight. And we will see you on Newsmax tonight. [01:25:25][6.6]

KEITH: [01:25:25] Alright, good to talk to you, Todd. [01:25:26][0.9]

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