WHERE ARE THE COPS? Antifa Beats Elderly Man with Bats in Portland

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An elderly man was brutally beaten by Antifa terrorists wielding baseball bats in downtown Portland. Another man who came to his defense was cracked in the skull and suffered serious injuries.

This happened during the same protest that left journalist Andy Ngo with serious head injuries after he was set upon by the leftist savages.

Serious questions need to be asked about the Portland Police Department. Why were there no officers on the scene? Were the police ordered to stand down? And if so, by whom?

The Justice Department should launch an immediate investigation.

Right now, law-abiding Oregonians should be warned that there is anarchy in the streets of Portland. It is not safe for you or your families to visit that city. Tourists should consider changing their vacation destinations.

If the Antifa terrorists attack you and your family — the Portland Police Department may very stand down. Just ask Andy Ngo.

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