‘NOT A GOSPEL AT ALL!’ Franklin Graham Slams Woke Christianity

Evangelist Franklin Graham blasted “progressive Christianity” for waging a war against Biblical Christianity and delivering people eternal damnation.

Is woke Christianity biblical?

In a Decision Magazine op-ed, the son of Billy Graham said the false doctrine “has cropped up in the halls of seminaries, infiltrated the pulpits of thousands of churches and been propagated by a godless liberal media.”

Citing the apostle Paul, Graham said the woke evangelicals are proclaiming a “different gospel” entirely.

“Progressive Christianity is not a Gospel at all,” the CEO of Samaritan’s Purse explained. “It has nothing to do with the Gospel of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. It results in nothing but spiritual confusion and chaos.”

Progressive Christians are denying the biblical truth of marriage and sexuality, and instead of embracing the Bible, Graham argues they embrace culture like the LGBTQ+ and social justice movements.

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The president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association said their failure to see the consequences of sin is alarming.

“Biblical teaching on the precious blood of Christ, the sacrificial, substitutionary, atoning work of Christ’s death on the cross, is too often neglected or distorted,” Graham said. “So the real, ultimate danger is that progressive Christianity can send a person to hell.”

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The famous preacher slammed the movement as actually being regressive and unbiblical.

“Evangelicals need to guard the truth of genuine Scriptural preaching and living, remaining true and bold about exactly what the Bible clearly teaches,” Graham concluded. “There is no other way to be saved and secured for all eternity.”

Click here to read Graham’s full Decision Magazine op-ed.

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