Pope’s Comments on Sex Before Marriage Trigger Mixed Reaction

Amid resignation rumors, Pope Francis made comments on chastity and young people in a 97-page document.


Francis wrote his opinion concerning marital relationships in the church and the importance of healthy marriage in a functioning society.

Is the Pope right about sex outside of marriage?

The “Catechumenal Itineraries for Married Life” contains specific advice from the leader of the Catholic Church on relationships, before and after marriage. In the document, the Pope outlines the sacred nature of sex, the role it plays in uniting a married couple and the consequences that can be expected when sex is not treated properly.

“The Church should never lack courage to propose the precious virtue of chastity, even though it is by now in direct contrast with common mentality,” the document reads.

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In the text, the Pope blames the culture of modern relationships for high divorce rates noting that relationships “fall apart in a short space of time.”

The Church leader also said, “Chastity teaches married couples the times and ways of true, delicate and generous love, and prepares them for the authentic gift of self to be lived for the whole of their life in marriage.” 

While this release does not reflect any change in doctrine from the Catholic Church, the Pope’s comments still aroused controversy with people both inside and outside of the Church.

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According to the Daily Mail, Father Alberto Maggi said that documents like this one are a step in the wrong direction.

He added that the Church, “should listen more to the reality of young people today, of how they live, before reissuing the doctrine they have always proposed.”

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Some found the document useful and defended the Pope’s assertions.

“This is not a prohibition or a new rule, Austin Ivereigh, a scholar who studies the Catholic Church said. “They are inviting people to follow this path. They know it goes against the grain of society.”

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