An Army of Illegal Aliens is About to Storm our Border

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Syndicated talk show host Todd Starnes warned his listeners of an “army of illegals” marching towards the US southern border during his opening monologue on The Todd Starnes Show Monday.

Starnes cited media reports of a caravan of Hondurans currently on its way from Honduras – marching through Mexico, to illegally immigrate to the United States.

“The Mexicans have allowed this invading horde, this army of illegals, to march through their country, knowing that they’re going to invade our country,” Starnes said.  “They’re in cahoots. This is like the axis of evil –the 21st century version.”

Starnes blasted governmental leaders for building nothing more than what he described as a “picket fence” on the southern border instead of the “big huge beautiful wall” that was promised.

“So this is where we are right now,” Starnes said. “We have an invading army approaching our border and all the Republicans and Democrats are doing in Congress is giving us a picket fence. This is not good America.”

Starnes also shared a story out of Central Valley, California, a state which has been designated as a “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants, where ICE agents are arresting illegal immigrant farm workers who were “taking jobs from American citizens.”

The radio host compared it to another story from Crain’s Business that said that out of 150,000 construction workers in New York City, as many as 33 percent, or 49,000, are illegal immigrants.

“The average salary for a construction worker here in New York City [is] around $40,000-$41,000,” Starnes said. Noting that those 49,000 jobs could be going to law abiding American citizens or even immigrants who entered the United States through the legal process.

“Those are jobs that American citizens want,” Starnes said. And dare I say that an unemployed American citizen would take any job they can get. Meanwhile, we’ve got an invading horde of illegals on the way. They’re going to try and storm the border. They’re going to try and break into our country. 1000 people. Do you think it’s going to stop there? I don’t think so.”

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