Caller: I Tossed All My ‘Planet of the Apes’ Tapes Out

After the mainstream media declared Monkeypox racist, one Todd Starnes Radio Show caller joked that she got rid of all her “Planet of the Apes” tapes.

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Listen to the call on the Todd Starnes Show from Tuesday below:

The following is a rush transcript of the Todd Starnes Radio Show heard daily from 12 p.m. until 3 p.m. daily.

Is Monkeypox racist?

Starnes: Patty’s been hold on since yesterday. WSIC, our great affiliate. Hi Patty, what’s up? 

Patty: Oh my God… I talked to Grace. I love Grace. Grace, I love you and Merlot! And you know what? Let me tell you something. I love Kyle, too, okay? I threw him… I threw him in there, right? 

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Starnes: You did and he’s beaming, and the studio audience approves. Okay, and you know what? I just tossed all my, you know. Planet of the Apes… I just had to toss all my tapes out. 

Starnes: I love it. 

Patty: You know, God forbid you can’t watch Planet of the Apes now, right? That’s right. 

Starnes: It’s true. Well, yes. Everything is racist, Patty. Everything is racist. 

Patty: Everything. I mean, you can’t do nothing. You cannot do nothing. It’s just, you know, what this country… Everybody I’m telling you, they took over the asylum. The lunatics are running the country. 

Starnes: It’s true. You know, I remember at Christmas time, I saw somebody literally bristle. I was at a Christmas concert and somebody started crooning. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. And you could just you could…

Patty: Get that, that.

Starnes: Racist!

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Patty: What are they going to do next? You cant have a White Christmas? What are they going to do with snowmen? …What do you do? What are you going to do with snow? … What do you do? I mean, it’s gone too far. This country is whacked out a bit.

Starnes: It’s true, Patty. It’s true. And there’s only one way, and that is for the Republicans to take charge in November. We’ve got to get to the polls.

Patty: Now, there’s some of them I don’t even, oh my God. Some of them should be put somewhere. I mean, my God, you talk about RINOs. There’s so many RINOs out there. I mean, you don’t know who is who… You know what? You dont even know. You know, the Democrat Party, you know where they’re coming from. The RINOs, they just sneak right in there. 

Starnes: Yes, indeed. And I got to tell you, though, the mainstream media, they come after Republicans, conservatives, they’re on them like white, on rice. Oh, can we say that? I think we can.

Patty: I think. 

Starnes: Patty, we got to get we got to go. We got to take a break for the news. Patty, always good hearing from you! She always brings a lot of common sense to the table. Patty does. 

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