Deputize 100,000 Texans to Stop the Illegals, Says Caller

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TODD: Let’s go to North Carolina, Charles oN WSIC. Charles, what’s going on?

CALLER: [00:45:18] Hey, Todd, thanks for having me on. Got a suggestion since Texas is being invaded and not just Texas, but the whole country and the Biden administration is refusing to defend the state of Texas like it’s supposed to Article 4 of the Constitution. Well, what would be wrong with Governor Abbott calling for, say, 100,000 volunteers to show up? You know, you kind of deputize these people to repel an invasion. If they’re coming into the state of Texas, you apprehend them, maybe put them on planes from the Texas Air National Guard and transport planes and transport them to these blue states like Delaware, where Joe Biden is right now in other states. But something’s got to be done.

TODD: [00:46:07] Charles, it does. I mean, we cannot sustain this. We just simply cannot. And I feel horrible for those those folks in Texas because their towns have literally been overrun. But beyond that, this pandemic and it’s interesting to note here, Charles, the Democrats are conveniently forgetting about the fact we are in the middle of a pandemic that they say is is going to kill all of us. Meanwhile, they’re allowing tens of thousands of illegals infected with the China virus into our country.

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CALLER: [00:46:37] Oh, yeah, absolutely. Yeah. So it’s in the fact that they’re doing nothing about that. Not requiring vaccinations or vetting these people is just, you know, just proves that this is about politics. It’s not about public health. And it’s like you said, it’s about remaking America. But do you think that the governor would be within his legal authority to request, you know, tens of thousands of people to temporarily volunteer for service to repel this invasion, secure the border and deport people that are already in the state? Do you think he has the authority to do that?

TODD: [00:47:17] I do believe the governor has the authority to do that. And he can deputize folks, the Texas Rangers could deputize folks, and it very well may take something like that to repel this invasion. This is I mean, you’re looking at, what, 10,000, 12,000 people? Rubio says even more. It’s going to take all hands on deck. So I believe the governor of Texas is going to do everything within his power and that that means calling up volunteers. I think he very well may do that. Hey, Charles, it’s a great point you raised. Thank you for listening to us today and thanks for supporting WSIC.

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